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try to stick to a sort of ratio of marines to traitor guard, something like 70/30, so 70% of your points are spent on traitors, so it doesn't just look like your trying to combine a 3+ save with a armour 14 tank (like most people who mix and match do).

if its based on helghast maybe stick to mostly veteran units with carapace, since I remember them in the game never being too number heavy, but quite armour heavy, maybe give them Chimeras or Valkyries since I'm sure I recall some sort of drop troop transport from the first games intro.

maybe add a basic platoon for militia, since I can imagine any planet attacked by helghast to have *ahem* "willing volunteers", perhaps use the new traitor PDF on the FW site to have them with random LD and add enforcers to keep everyone in line, sounds very helghast to me..

thats mostly theme tips though, if your only using this for friendly games I don't see game tips being too important, its all about making it look good and keeping the theme, no matter the outcomes of games
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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