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Some questions

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Well I am new to this thread and thought that I would make my first post about some rules I am unsure about.

Before you read the questions and just think I am a stupid moron, that needs to get a life etc etc, let me just explain my situation. I stopped playing GW for about 3 years but have decided to get back into it. I stopped before the newest addidtion of 40k came out and there are just a couple of rules I am unsure off, and I have not got round to buying the rule book yet, wanted to make my army list first :p .

Anyway for the questions.

1) Some of my troops are classed as beasts (what does this mean)?

2) What does the Preferred Enemy rule do?

Im sure there were a couple more but cant think of them at present.

Thanks in advance.
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Hello, Balgor...

First, Welcome to the Pit!
Second, be advised that we must all be careful of what we 'say' on these boards, in relation to GW intellectual property.

1) Troops classed as beasts enjoy movement benefits, but may be limited otherwise.

2) Preferred Enemy allows a unit with this trait to excel in close quarters against their particular preferred Xenos enemy. This would need to be either Eldar (of any variety), Orks, or Tyranids. This is a huge bonus in some ways, but must be modeled on the miniature so that it cannot be changed between games.
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