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Some ideas...

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Hello all. I know that this section is hardly the liviest on the forums, so I was thinking about things which could help to bring more people here. The first of which was a competition, whether that would include painting up a model or army, or creating rules for your own character I do not know. The second was some more interactive things, perhaps like a "guru" where people can ask for advice and a said member answering accordly, or something else along those lines. Another was like that in General Fantasy/40K, which helps people to decide on what race/army they want to play, giving a select amount of information and some pictures to kindle their interest.

Anybody else like to throw something in? Obviously I can't help as such due to me not being into this actual gaming system, but I thought that you bunch who are dedicated to this section would perhaps find it interesting.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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