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Some ideas...

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Hello all. I know that this section is hardly the liviest on the forums, so I was thinking about things which could help to bring more people here. The first of which was a competition, whether that would include painting up a model or army, or creating rules for your own character I do not know. The second was some more interactive things, perhaps like a "guru" where people can ask for advice and a said member answering accordly, or something else along those lines. Another was like that in General Fantasy/40K, which helps people to decide on what race/army they want to play, giving a select amount of information and some pictures to kindle their interest.

Anybody else like to throw something in? Obviously I can't help as such due to me not being into this actual gaming system, but I thought that you bunch who are dedicated to this section would perhaps find it interesting.
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"Unit of the week" (could be called something else)
Looking through my White Dwarves, i notice that they'll focus on one unit in particular from one of the gaming systems and give a detailed analysis of the unit in terms of tactics, unit's strengths and weaknesses, primary role/s of that unit etc.

Each week the members of the forum can vote on a certain unit they want to know more about then another member could write a detailed article on that unit. Next week the members vote on another unit and we would just continue until every unit in the book is covered (or we just give up :p)
Yeah thats something along the lines of what I was thinking.

Individual units are what usually get people interested in the hobby. Theres always that one model where someone looks at it and says "wow, thats really cool" and they start an army just based off that one model. Like a chaplain or a wraithlord or tau crisis suits or theres a combination of models that stands out to a person. Thats how GW and White Dwarf gets people into the hobby or gaming system.

So some well written articles might inspire some people to get into WotR/LotR as it is a very fun system to play.

Although 8th Ed Fantasy is right around the corner so dont expect to get many people playing WotR/LotR real soon.
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