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Some ideas...

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Hello all. I know that this section is hardly the liviest on the forums, so I was thinking about things which could help to bring more people here. The first of which was a competition, whether that would include painting up a model or army, or creating rules for your own character I do not know. The second was some more interactive things, perhaps like a "guru" where people can ask for advice and a said member answering accordly, or something else along those lines. Another was like that in General Fantasy/40K, which helps people to decide on what race/army they want to play, giving a select amount of information and some pictures to kindle their interest.

Anybody else like to throw something in? Obviously I can't help as such due to me not being into this actual gaming system, but I thought that you bunch who are dedicated to this section would perhaps find it interesting.
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Yeah, begginers thing sounds good. Should someone (Notice the fact I said not the word 'I') post a seperate thread for whoever wants to do which army? I'll put my head on the block :suicide: and say 'I could probably do Mordor or Isengard, I'm pretty learned in them even though I've never played the game properly' (I knew all of those years reading WD and looking at that terrible website called GW would pa off...).


EDIT: Maybe Elven Kingdoms, I'm looking at them on the interweb right now...
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