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some general questions

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i'm getting prepared to start playing BFG for the first time and have a few questions for the seasoned admirals out there.

special order dice. what are they? are they just markers like the 40k vehicle damage dice or do they actually serve some proper purpose? i only ask as you can't get them anymore from GW and i've not sourced any on ebay either.

what size board is best to play on? is it dependent on the size of battle?

can you mix ship classes within a squadron, specifically escorts? i.e can you have 2 firestorms and a sword within a squad? what about different weapon classes? can you mix the lance and torpedo dauntlesses in the same squadron?

cheers in advance :good:
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The gunnery table is the ship you're firing at as it's showing the difficulty to hit the target (harder to hit tiny ships, easier to hit massive ships, etc).

For the firepower/strength, it's usually by weapon type, provided its in the arc that can hit the target, as different weapons have different effects, so keeping weapon types seperate is the aim I think.

I could be wrong, but that's how we read it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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