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some general questions

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i'm getting prepared to start playing BFG for the first time and have a few questions for the seasoned admirals out there.

special order dice. what are they? are they just markers like the 40k vehicle damage dice or do they actually serve some proper purpose? i only ask as you can't get them anymore from GW and i've not sourced any on ebay either.

what size board is best to play on? is it dependent on the size of battle?

can you mix ship classes within a squadron, specifically escorts? i.e can you have 2 firestorms and a sword within a squad? what about different weapon classes? can you mix the lance and torpedo dauntlesses in the same squadron?

cheers in advance :good:
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hey ho,

not always checking here ;)

1. order dice
they are markers. they are necessary in order to show the status the ship is in, since some orders carry over to following turns and effect the opponents morale. you still can get them from gw in the epic armaggeddon range of the specialists games.


2. size of board
as you were guessing it's dependant on the size of the battle. normally a 180cmx120cm serves nicely for small and normal sized battles up to 2000pts. when you wanna go bigger i strongly suggest to increase the table size. otherwise you will end up with no space to maneuver. (ships always move a minimum distance)

3. squadrons
you can mix as you like, but you have to stay in the same classes. so escorts, cruisers, battleships. but normally it is more effective to squad same types (at least for escorts). so you don't have to hassle with the orders of for example a mix of firestorms and cobras, where a "reload" would be nice for cobras but useless for the firestorms.
with cruisers it's a bit more flexible, but in general i stick to the same types as well. but your dauntless example would be good, too (except for the fact, that when you fire both at the same target and your lances score a hit the following torpedos wuold have to go through blastmarkers and might blow up doing so).

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fleet-commander rerrolls are one use only that can be used at every time, but then they are gone. (there is this exception with abbadon the despoiler. with his socerer he generates 1 reroll every own turn).

not all commanders get a reroll included in their points. sometimes you have to buy one, if you want one. precisely as it is stated in the list. if some lists differ, you'll have to go with it.

thanks for the quick replay, I couldn't find the definition in the PDF's. I'm sure I had one more question hanging around, but can't seem to recall it at the moment.
take your time :grin:
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