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Hi everyone! Mark (GR00V3R) Sheppard here with a post announcing the new board game I'm working on, CAMPAIGN++. I'm looking to see what kind of interest exists in a map-based campaign system for miniatures battles games like 40K, WHFB, EPIC and so on. If campaigns interest you, but you've always had difficulty running them in the past (like me), please read on and let me know what you think of my CAMPAIGN++ approach. :)

CAMPAIGN++ is a board game that helps you run campaigns for your favourite miniatures battles games!

About the Game
CAMPAIGN++ is a board game that provides fast to play and easy to manage map-based campaigns for your favorite tabletop miniatures battles games. You can also play CAMPAIGN++ as a standalone strategy game, though, and you’ll find it’s a challenging and fun-filled game in its own right.

In CAMPAIGN++, your forces are represented by units. In a scenario, you start with a set number of units, most available to deploy on the map immediately, but some may be held in reserve.

Each unit usually represents a brigade-sized collection of companies and their component platoons, squads and so on (some special units may represent smaller groups, down to company and even platoon level on occasion). When units share a single hex, the collection of units in that hex is referred to as a stack.

When two opposing units or stacks inhabit the same hex, a battle ensues which can be played out on the tabletop with you favorite miniatures battles game—or with a few dice rolls if you want a quick result.

Any battles fought as a result of a CAMPAIGN++ game should use the rules as written in the battle game’s (usually a miniatures game) rulebook, along with any army list points, special abilities or rules specific to the battles game being played.

If meeting physically to fight the battle is not possible for any reason, or if you’re just looking to speed up the campaign by not battling out minor engagements), you can decide battles automatically.

Rules Available for Download (PDF)
The current draft rules are available as a free download for public review and comment!

Please feel free to send me your feedback on the CAMPAIGN++ Facebook page or in any forum threads you may see discussing the game (I try to monitor them all!).

Download the current draft CAMPAIGN++ rulebook now from campaignplusplus.com!

Thanks for your interest! I hope you’ll take a look at the rules and let me know what you think!

Looking Downstream...
If there's interest in a campaign system like this, I'll look at taking the next step, which would be some kind of limited run in production. :)

About the Designer
Hi! Mark Sheppard here (AKA “GR00V3R”). I'm an indie game designer. I've played war games since forever (if somewhere around 1983 playing Panzer Blitz with your Dad counts as "forever").

I used to write about EPIC for Bell of Lost Souls back in the day. More recently, I co-authored the EXODUS WARS 6mm miniatures game with Tom Webb (Steel Crown Productions). I also worked as the game designer on the PC version, EXODUS WARS: FRACTURED EMPIRE, which launched on Steam in 2015.

I am currently working on a new board game project, CAMPAIGN++, which is at prototype stage and available now for free download and public review and comment—I am testing the waters to see if the wider marketplace is interested in a game like CAMPAIGN++.
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