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next part woohooo!



The rest of the Blood Angel’s first company made a rapid planetfall, securing and reinforcing the objectives taken by the Terminators, relieving them so they could return to base and receive fresh orders, squad Valedictus were waiting outside Commander Dante’s tent with three other squads, every squad’s sergeant was inside with the Blood Angel’s chapter master.

“Lord Dante, where are we to attack next?” asked a brown skinned terminator sergeant.

' Kesio' ,Caleb remembered

“All of your terminators, sergeant, are going to attack the orbital defense batteries plasma generators, cutting the remaining Tau from their heaviest guns, while Sergeants Gilec and Valedictus will dismantle anything that tries to get in your squads way, while Sergeant Balthused will be overseeing the sabotaging of the enemy’s communincations, that should allow us to wrest the city back into Imperial control and allow us to have a more of ad presence on the planet, and you all will be under the direct command of Chaplain Baalis” instructed Dante, seemingly as an afterthought, “The rest of our forces will hold in the outskirts of the city until you have confirmed the completion of your objectives, the scouts who will be accompanying you will take positions in the citadel and you terminators are to cause as much hell until you must retreat back to the ships, you will be ready to leave at 0830 hours tonight, dismissed”

The sergeants nodded and walked out of the tent, telling the veterans of their orders and organizing them for the mission, Caleb was discussing with the Chaplain on the plan for after the destruction of the generators when one of his squad’s terminators told him that the Chapter master wanted to speak with him again. Caleb, excused himself and walked back into the tent and looked over to his commander and asked;

“Lord you requested my presence?”

“Sergeant Valedictus, a small alteration in your orders after the destruction of the plasma generators, reports indicate that the Tau have taken Grey Knights prisoner,” Commander Dante replied “along with the Inquisitor Lord who were leading an investigation into a suspected daemonic presence in a ancient palace, previously belonging to an heretical cardinal, the Tau had happened upon them in the palace’s catacombs”

“The Tau captured Grey Knights?” asked Caleb, worried

“Yes, now they are currently held in the middle of the fortress, two scout squads will be diverted to help you and a squadron thunderhawks will retrieve you and the daemon hunters in the old trade districts near the palace, with any luck you will escape before we launch the main assault” continued Dante, his face showing little emotion “we cant give you any more time”

“That will be plenty my lord, that will be plenty” replied Caleb gravely…..


The last few hours had been a blur for Caleb, he vaguely remembered teleporting to the orbiting ships above and making sure his squad’s armor and weapons were fully operational, as well as making sure the sergeants of the other terminator squads were briefed on the change of plans


Caleb put his helmet on, the seals in the neck join hissing and clinking, Caleb hefted his power axe and clipped in onto his belt, made sure his melta-gun was fully fueled and operational and his powerfist was working, before he walked out into the maze like bowels of the ship.

When he arrived at the teleportation chamber he was one of the last to arrive, , a Tech -Marine turned to the senior veteran and droned, “All present, good, prepare for teleportation, directly after the Chaplain’s blessings”

The Chaplain walked among his flock, speaking to each space marine in turn, then blessing them before he walked on to the next, when the Chaplain reached Caleb he said, “Brother, the honor of the Chapter goes with you, show the filthy xenos what the sons of Sanguinius do to those who pollute the Emperor’s realm with their filthy footsteps,sully the honor of the Grey Knights and in the name of the Primarch, the Immortal Emperor I bless you and your wargear, give praise to Him and his son, our father and victory and glory will be yours eternal”

“Thanks to you Brother Chaplain” intoned Caleb, putting his clenched fist over the aquilla on his armor in salute, and stood up. Once the Chaplain had finished his blessing and taken his place with Sergeant Kesio’s squad, the Tech Marine in charge of the teleportation ceremony voice crackled over the speakers in their helmets;

“Teleportation in 3, 2, 1”

Caleb’s stomach did a somersault as the infinite, gibbering insanity that was the warp rushed around Caleb, his armor serving as a bulwark against the maelstrom, then it all stopped. Caleb found himself staring into the face of a Fire Warrior, the xeno’s face grimaced in surprise, then in pain as Caleb smashed his powerfist through the Tau’s head, coating his hands in the alien’s dark blood.

Caleb roared out to his men, “BY THE BLOOD OF SANGUINIUS, KILL THEM ALL!”

The room erupted into a hail of death, heavy slugs ripped through armor into soft flesh and hot plasma clawed deep ruts into the ancient Terminator armor, Caleb himself got hit three times before he was in amongst the Tau, tearing through them with unbridled ferocity, killing most of the blue skinned aliens before the rest of his squad caught up.

Caleb slapped down his bloodlust, hard, forcing himself to think like a sergeant, not a berserker, with his world rid of a red haze he saw the trio of railgun armed battle suits clamber towards them, knowing from grim experience, if those guns started firing at them, Blood angels would start dying fast so he roared into the vox .


Most of the terminators ducked behind thick support columns, while Caleb’s squad had no such advantage, Caleb screamed at his men, “Engage teleporters NOW!” the sergeant disappeared in a flash of blue light, reappearing behind the Tau veterans, with murder in his eyes, his helmet long since discarded, and his power axe in hand.

Caleb leaped at the suits toppling two and taking the last one upright, smashing into it with fist and axe, tearing large holes in the suit, but the veteran didn’t stop there, dropping his axe, he tore of the two deadly rail guns of the machine, then turning to wallop the two other suits as they got up, sending both back, hydraulic tendons screaming, onto the ground, Caleb roared and pulled out his melta sending two streams of hot air into the suit still barely standing and into one of the fallen suits, rounding on the last, Caleb pulled the trigger……
thats it for now add more after a few replies:angel:

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Super heated air seared through the shoulder of the battle suit, Caleb's attention diverted to the Chaos Terminators who had just appeared, guns blazing, the traitorous Black Legionnaires had pinned down the Blood Angels, bolter shots plucked away at the columns the loyalists were hiding behind.

Caleb turned to face this threat, all sense of tactical awareness gone, only the urge to tear apart the sons of Horus, a Terminator armored aspiring champion walked towards Caleb, roaring his challenge to the veteran marine, Caleb replied by catapulting himself at the champion, impacting with a shoulder, driving the champion back a step, but Caleb used his momentum and threw it behind his powerfist, connecting with the Champions shoulder pad, cracking the ceramite and angering the Champion.

With a scream, “For the Dark Gods!” the Champion struck back with his mutated talons, the ebony claws screeched as they dug furrows into Caleb’s armor, Caleb roared in surprise and caught the Champions hand, crushing it in his power fist, with a wet sucking sound Caleb tore the hand off at the wrist, and kicked the Champion to the ground, turning and walking over to the recently abandoned Tau battlesuit Caleb retrieved his power axe, and turned back to the recovering Champion, who had proved his Space Marine origins and was already back on his feet power sword in-hand, face pale and breathing heavily.

Caleb stood straight and asked , “Do you repent?”

“I have been sorry for what my father did to the imperium ever since the heresy, I am sorry for the weakness he showed, But I do not repent for trying to save the Imperium from what the emperor was leading us to!” replied the terminator

“Stop your lies they wont save you now!” Caleb roared back

“Keep spouting your ignorant dogma I have made peace with myself so do what you must Angel” cackled the Champion, and then he swung his sword, narrowly missing Caleb’s throat, only to soar through empty space, Caleb had ducked under the Champion’s attack and now swung his axe upwards, cleaving from crotch to collarbone, he nimbly stepped away as the traitor’s insides spewed onto the floor.

One of the Chaos Terminators watching started clapping slowly and called out “Thanks for that loyalist, you just rid me of some competition, now we’ll take our leave” and without another word the terminators disappeared, Caleb found his helmet at the foot of a pillar and put it on, tactical readings flashed over the display, pic-displays showed the progress of the scout units infiltration, one scout sergeant said over the strike forces sub-vox frequency, “Grey Knight position confirmed, activating beacon now”

“Acknowledged” replied Caleb, switching to another frequency, “Chaplain, my squad will go secure the Grey Knights”

“Do what you must sergeant, may the Emperor guide your blades” replied the Chaplain

“And yours too Brother” when he saw his squad-mates around him he said “Teleport in 3,2,1…”

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With a flash of light the terminator's appeared in the middle of a hallway, each astarted back-to-back with a squad-mate weapons at the ready, when the veteran's saw no forthcoming opponents Caleb activated his vox

[Scout Squad alpha-one, this is Squad Valedictus, report]

[Fully operational, we are at observation positions]

[Confirmed, any data on the guards numbers?]

[fifteen fire warriors, and a roving patrol of stealth suits]

[Good, have your squad engage the stealth suits, once we have dealt with the guards we will move to support]

[Acknowledged, may the Emperor be with you, Brother, alpha-one out]

Caleb linked his vox to the squad's sub-frequency, "Brothers the target is in the next room, we will enter and dispatch the guards while our scout support deals with any patrols, with any luck the knight's equipment will have been retrieved and en-route to the base, am I clear?"

The squad acknowledged, and each terminator checked his weaponry, while Caleb holstered his melta gun and pulled out his axe.


Caleb broke through the flimsy door, bringing along most of the door frame and the ajoining masonry, Caleb kept moving, the Terminator's bulk rammed into the frail Fire Warriors, the sergeant sent three flying with one fell sweep of his axe, the xenos hit the far wall and stopped moving completely, Caleb roared and hungrily searched for his next opponent, Caleb felt a sharp pain in his side, turning he found the muzzle of the xenos leader, Keeping true to his superhuman abilities, Caleb ducked under the weapon and stapped with the pike on end of his axe's shaft, impaling the tau.

By the time Caleb had shoved the lifeless blue skinned corpse of his axe, the venerable warriors of his squad had finished with their foes and now were moving to free their imprisoned bretheren.

The five knights were suspended off the ground, their arms and legs glowing with a blue nimbus of light, Caleb spied what appeared to be some form of controls and smashed it apart with his fist.

"Brothers freedom calls, let us leave this place" Caleb said adressing the Grey Knights.....

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very great story, im interested to see just how many weapons Caleb has.. so far he has a melta, a power fist, a storm bolter, a bolter, and a power axe... i would like to see the model of this guy, he would look badass with a power axe strapped over his back, melta in hand and the storm bolter hanging by a chain at his side

infact, i want someone to make this model, i suck at conversions and Ive never used green stuff so I would like one of the much better painters to do this model justice

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well he has used so many weapons because i imagine him, being a senior member of the 1st company of the blood angels he would be entitled to change weapons for each sort of fight he gets himself into, I think he would switch the storm botler for his melta so he could take on the Tau's numerous battle suits, but the storm bolter kinda sneaked in there because of my over sight so ill fix it so he has a combi melta, thanks for the pick up, as to the power fist, each veteran has his favorite weapon, in Caleb's case his axe but a power fist is something NOT to give up lightly, so i thought why not give him both? any how i like axes:biggrin:, but that needs to be corrected so I'll get to editing,



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The terminators moved through the citadel's dark passages, for all their bulk making little sound, Caleb stode beside the leader of the Grey Knights, a Astartes named Geron, the man, clad only in his tunic moved like a hunting cat, the boltgun he held looked tiny in his hands.

Caleb spoke into his vox,

[All scout squads, report]

[Scout squad alpha-one reporting]

[Alpha-two here]

[Bravo-one, ready to move, brother]

[Good, has the Knight's wargear been retrieved?]

[Bravo-one here, affirmative, Bravo-two has just handed it over to the tech-marines, they are now currently clearing a path for the assault we are moving to join them]

[Very well, the Target is is nearly at the retrieval point, Alpha one and two will move out and get to the pick-up point, understood?]

[Loud and clear brother, Alpha-one moving]

[May the Emperor shine upon you brother, Alpha two relocating]

Caleb sighed with relief and switched over his vox to the squad's frequency and kept moving, then he realized Geron was staring intently at him

"Yes brother?" Caleb asked, his voice sounding robotic through his helmet's amplifiers.

"May I be so bold to ask brother, I am surprised you know of our presence here, how did the Blood Angels come by information about our incasiration?" queried Geron.

"That I do not know, you would have to ask Commander Dante, it was him who gave us this task" replied Caleb

"Very well, I am curious since even the planet's Governor was ignorant of our investigation" Geron continued, the words hanging heavily in the air.

"Let us drop this subject, we are nearly at the retrieval point, we must have our wits about us"

"Very well, brother" and Geron moved back behind Caleb.

Befor Caleb could ponder this, his squad moved out onto a landing pad, where a blood red thunderhawkawaited, the two scout squads formed up in a loose circle around the troopships, weapons facing out, watching for enemies.

"Brothers move to the Thunderhawks my squad shall see you off, go!"

"Yes Brother-Sergeant" replied one of the scout sergeants. and the scouts peeled off and moved into the Thunderhawk after the Grey Knights, as the rear ramp of the Thunderhawk closed and the ship began to lift off, one of Caleb's squad mates roared over the vox


From the top of the citadel three Tau battlesuits free fell, the blue flames of their alien jetpacks flared as they decended, Caleb leveled his combi-melta and let of a stream of shells, the mass reactive shells causing little damage to the xenos, then the whining roar of the autocannon blinked into life, the heavier shells causing much more damage than the squad's bolters, one of the suits was hit by a hail of fire, it's jetpack spluttered and died, the suit was sent falling to a firery demise far below.

The tau returned fire, super heated plasma hit the terminators hard, Caleb ordered the squad to teleport to safety when he was hit in the leg by a stray shot, burning a chunk of muscle bound fless to the bone, melting armor in the process, he quickly activated his teleport homer and dissapeared into the warp...

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Caleb reappeared in the teleportation chamber, his squad standing against the walls heads bowed in prayer, but their heads shot up when one of the servitors burst out a surprised spurt of binary.

“He made it brothers” sighed one of the marines in relief.

“Well don’t stand there, get an apothecary!” replied Caleb a large smile plastered all over his face.

He had made it.

The rest of the campaign on Genii Locum was short and bloody, luckily the Imperial forces took light causalities, after the fall of the Tau’s leader in the planets capital, the zenos quickly capitulated and retreated to their ships and according to the Navy’s scouts making for Tau held territories.

Caleb’s squad spent time having their armor refitted and refurbished in preparation to plunge back into the last assaults against isolated pockets of enemy resistance, mostly Tau human auxiliaries.

The drop hangar was filled with the scurrying of servitors preparing the pods for service, Caleb always had thought the pods looked like huge metal teardrops, ‘more like drops of blood actually’ he mused to himself, ‘isnt it ironic that the chapter’s icon delivered the Blood angels to battle, even to one like me the universe still has it’s little jokes’

Caleb walked up the ramp of his squad’s drop pod, storing his combi-melta and power axe in lockers built into the walls of the transport. A disembodied, mechanical voice sounded over the vox in Caleb’s helmet

[Drop pods disengage in 3…2…1]

The pod was blasted from the ship as the clamps disengaged, the g-forces hit Caleb like a speeding rhino, and the pressure was lessened by the pod’s gravitational compensators. Caleb kept his eyes closed tightly until the pressure faded. When he opened his eyes the inside of the pod was bathed in red light.

Caleb breathed deep before he began to brief his squad. He activated his vox with a flick of his thoughts;

[Brothers listen, we are being dropped inside the traitor’s defensive perimeter, and we are to destroy their artillery and communications. We will be joined by dreadnought Ares in our mission, The Emperor Protects]

The squad replied with similar benedictions and the squad lapsed into silence as the pod rattled around them, the fury of the pod’s re-entry threatening to crumple the pod like a piece of paper. Caleb always had hated drop pods, especially as a scout.

The chances of the squad getting decimated before they even could fight back scared him the most, a marine dying because his pod got shot in re-entry was an abhorrent thought and Caleb pushed it away, beginning to chant his battle hymns….

A flashing dot blinked into life in the man hand, the blue light blinking fast, indicating what ever it had found was coming fast, very fast. The auxiliary’s eyes widened when he realized it was coming from above....

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The drop pods impacted with a roar, the craft was glowing with heat from re-entry, the doors opened with a labored hydraulic hiss and the Blood Angels charged out, their bolters spitting death as the ran for cover. The dreadnought Ares stomped out of its own pod and pounded towards a lone battlesuit, its vox casters screaming a challenge and its assault cannon spooling up to firing speed.

The battlesuit unleashed a tirade of plasma shots, engulfing the dreadnought in blue fire, but the venerable machine strode though unfazed, Ares assault cannon arm roaring, punching shells through the flames and into the enemy suit. One of the Tau’s arms arm was shredded by the dreadnoughts attack and the alien tried to flee ineptly firing with its remaining weapons. But Ares reached out and dragged the Tau back with a powered claw, and finished it with a punishing burst of cannon fire.

Caleb’s squad had been showering a cowering mob of fire warriors with bolter fire as Ares demolished the battlesuit, now with a howl the terminators charged the terrified humans and panicked aliens, powerfists making short work, the last enemy fell to brother Hadiel’s whirring chainfist.

[Brothers, stand fast, Ancient Ares is finishing of the rest, our objective is to destroy their coms] Caleb said over the squad’s sub vox, [Auspex says its to the north-east, move brothers!] and the terminators moved as one.

The last of the human auxiliaries had dug in around the communication bunker, scavenged imperial weapons were mixed in with Tau technology, a Leman russ had been emplace next to a floating Skyray.

[This isn’t going to be easy brothers, even if we had Ares with us we’d still have problems with a frontal assault, Brother Felix lay suppressing fire on the enemy along with Oriel and Raphael. While Nero, Hadiel and I deal with those tanks, MOVE!] Caleb ordered, already moving towards the Skyray.

The enemy lines winked into life, torrents of firepower howled down at the Angels, the skyray’s weapons trained on Caleb when something totally unexpected happened, Ares tore out of it.

[Ancient Ares, well done, have you destroyed their artillery already?] Caleb said to the hulking machine

[Yes young one, that last one was all they had; shall I deal with the Russ now?]Asked the dreadnought, unleashing sporadic bursts of canon fire at the enemy

[Yes as you wish Ancient, but let us accompany you, I wont be having a brother face a tank alone, If I can help it] replied Caleb

[You’ll make a fine leader, let us remove these traitors from existence]

Together the terminators and dreadnought marched into the maelstrom….

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bloomin heck ur still writing ur like a machine (cept that machines repeat themselves) u just keep writing good stuff (glad 2 see ur still at it).

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WOOT BLOOD ANGELS they happen to be my fav SM chapter you story was wonderful it is good to see a good Blood Angels story
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