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Christ guys I could understand telling him to go to another thread if there was a recent one but you linked him to a thread that was over 2 and a half years old and was kind of shit.
The First Heretic states that the Word Bearers are 100,000 strong, and they're known to be the 2nd biggest Legion so I imagine the Raven Guard weren't too much over 80,000.

The Ultramarines were almost larger than 3 other Legions put together, but on the opposite side of the scale you've got Legions like the Emperor's Children and Thousand Sons who were on the small side (12,000 for the Thousand Sons).
I think when Corax refers to the 80,000 Astartes, he meant from all 3 Legions, splitting them into around somewhere in between 25,000 each (then one legion could be bigger than the other). Ive re-read the first HH-novels and its confirmed (I dont got a page but I dod remember). EC have roughly almost the same number as TS and its stated they had 30 companies, kinda around 300 Astartes in each (but my math sucks so).

And I wouldnt be surprised if there was that many WB. In Tales of the heresy its stated they had at least 34 companies, and they were didived into Chapters with at least 1000 in each.

Also just to point it out. I had a thread about companies and Chapters during the HH-era. Apprently EC had Chapters and chapter-Masters as well as DA as its mentioned at least twice in Galaxy In Flames.
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