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I don't actually like Summoned Daemons, Lol. :3 I s'pose Greater daemons are wicked, but lesser daemons are lame. :biggrin:

Proberbly going to get a Nurgle/Death Guard list; THEN get a Tzeentch list afterwards. :biggrin:
Then I am sad you are missing out on good stuff. For a good competetive list, I have 2 daemon princes, nurgle wings warptime, a greater daemon, 3 rhinoes with possessed and havoc launchers, 2 plagues with 2 melta and champ with meltabombs, and a plague with 2 plasma and champ with pfist, and 6 obliterators, along with 2x5 lesser daemon squads. Everything except for oblits has minimum squadsize.

That does most definately not play as a World Eaters army.

For a tzeentchian list, I would recommend going minimum squadsize as well, simply because they turn rather expensive. Bolt on sorcerers, and around 3 squads in 1750 or so. 6-9 oblits, and 2 tzeentch princes. I've run it with some success.
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