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snikrot+warboss+grotsnik ambush?

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How effective do you think snikrott ambushing with grotsnikk to give all the kommandoes a 5+/4+ would be? I think id toss a warboss into that unit as well. giving me 2 claws and some pretty hard kommandos and snikrot behind enemy lines.
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Unless the character has the same special rule as the unit he's joining, they cannot deploy in that special way (i.e Outflank/Infiltrate) - and vice versa.

If you wish the Boss and Snikrot to join the Kommandos, the unit must deploy normally, or they outflank on their own, and then the Boss and Snikrot join them later in the battle.

Generally, a Biker Nob or Boyz mob works better.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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