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snikrot+warboss+grotsnik ambush?

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How effective do you think snikrott ambushing with grotsnikk to give all the kommandoes a 5+/4+ would be? I think id toss a warboss into that unit as well. giving me 2 claws and some pretty hard kommandos and snikrot behind enemy lines.
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There is no Entry for him not being able to ambush or outflank in the codex. He grants any unit he's with Fearless and he must move as quick as possible to the nearest enemy unit and assault it if possible. He also can't leave a unit but /shrug
The danger of bringing grotsnik is not having the ability to choose which unit Snikrot would attack. The ideal use of ambush being to obliterate a high payout target and not simply attacking whatever is at hand or whatever you get screened with. And attaching Grazzy is risky because slow and purposeful could really backfire on you IE failing the assault because your move roll blew and staring at bad end of a termy squads crumpin range. Warbosses on bikes or just klaws seems a better use of both points and the kommandos.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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