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snikrot+warboss+grotsnik ambush?

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How effective do you think snikrott ambushing with grotsnikk to give all the kommandoes a 5+/4+ would be? I think id toss a warboss into that unit as well. giving me 2 claws and some pretty hard kommandos and snikrot behind enemy lines.
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Vas you are incorrect according to tournament rules. This is due to Snikrot's RaW: Ambush gives the ability to his unit thus the boss gets it as well if he is part of the unit. RaI may be the other way, but you must play RaW when you can.

I have run Ghazskull and Snikrot... It is cruel and funny to play.

If I could be bothered I would link you to all the tournament rules. I have also asked the red shirts close to me and they all agree (about 20 or so guys), it is a pain in the ass rule, but it is a very real and scary way to make a list

Also if you go searching on these interwebs you will see most forums have had this arguement (Warseer, LO, dakkadakka) and they have all come up 1 way. Snikrot can roll with a HQ from behind.
It's actually not well specified in the rules as written. Most tournaments FAQ that snikrot and ICs cannot be combined.
I found the latest one because I knew they changed their minds
Like I said, it's not well defined. Without an official GW FAQ we'll see rulings one way and the other.

As far as the ambush plan goes, sinking almost 600 points into a unit that won't show up for a while (especially if your opponent is messing with your reserves rolls) and can't threaten the center when they show up is a risky gambit but should pay decent dividends. I'm thinking just Grotsnik attached would be the better way to go.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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