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Saturday, March 24th of '07, my local group hosted a 2250pt tourney. The turnout was quite small, though there was enough for the eight of us to have a blast. List of entrants is as follows:

Chaos Space Marines, heavy on Slaanesh
Imperial Guard, a mix of everything from Rough Riders to Bassies
Imperial Guard, (me) a grunt heavy list w/ 3 Russes (army list here --->http://z6.invisionfree.com/Prospero/index.php?showtopic=80.)
Eldar, heavy on the firepower and monstrous creatures
Tyranids, heavy on genestealers, 3 Fexes
Space Wolves, a bit of everything
Space Marines, balanced force with a bit of everything
Necrons, fast, and with 2 Monoliths

This is the first time I've seen another IG player in this area in the past few years. Maybe its just about time to try something new.

Turns out, that for a twist (and no notice to those of us who like special rules) all three games were basic scenarios from the BBB, and all were of Alpha Level. I started cussin' just a bit, there.

First Game... Alpha Recon

Very heavy city-fight theme with tall buildings and clogged roadways. I faced off against a fairly recent addition to our club, a young Eldar player with a mixed bag of tricks. His army consisted of two units of ground pounding Dire Avengers, Banshees in a Serpent w/ TLBL, Scorpions, Warp Spiders, Dark Reapers, mini Seer Council, 2 Wraithlords, and an Avatar. I won the roll for first turn and took the opportunity to whittle down his Dire Avengers, Warp Spiders, and Dark Reapers, though none were fearful enough of my firepower to fall back. He then removed a full squad of guardsmen and a Sentinel in return. Fairly even retaliation. My next turn was devastating as I completely removed the Warp Spiders, Dire Avengers (all of them from both squads with a well placed heavy flamer template) and all but the exarch from the Dark Reapers. His monstrous creatures were approaching, but I had only the stunned serpent and terrain impeded Scorpions and Seer Council on one flank, leaving the other open but for the Wraithlords and Avatar. My army slowly begins advancing toward his deployment zone. As it stood, he could not get his army close enough to my lines to engage in HtH before his units were grounded and wiped out by sheer volume of fire. His army was wiped out to a man, and I managed to get 5 units into his deployment zone.

Game Two... Alpha 'Table Quarters' or whatever it is.

This scenario pitted me up against a bug player with 3 Fexes, 3 Zoanthropes, a Brood Lord, 30 Hormagaunts, and as many Genestealers as could fit (50?). Sadly, the scenario, and table (randomly assigned as always) were against him. The terrain was heavy scrub, lending a lot of Lvl-2 area terrain, but making every unit test for difficult terrain every turn. Simply put, his army could not advance fast enough in the face of my firepower to cross within 15" of my front lines. 3 of my units never fired a shot during the game, as they could not see through the terrain. By the middle of turn 3 (I again won first turn), only two/thirds of his army remained and only 3 units eligible to contest a table quarter. I had lost only 1 plasma gunner to the 'gets hot' special rule. He conceded and took a smoke break. (and to my credit, I must add, I did request a different table assignment BEFORE the game began. We both knew the situation was ugly for the bugs before we rolled the first die.)

Game Three... Alpha Annihilation

One of my fave opponents, though he stresses me out every time we play, fields a vanilla marine list w/ Chappy w/ Jump Pack and small squad of Jumpers, Force Commander in Rhino w/ Small Squad, 2 Rhino'd Tac Squad w/ Meltaguns and PowerFist, two small tac squads w/ Lascannons and plasmaguns, two devs squads w/ 4 heavy bolters and 4 missile launchers respectively, 2 units of two land speeders, 3 dreadnoughts, and a vindicator. That's a lot of stuff. The goal was to have more scoring units at game's end than your opponent. Well, I started off with 20 scoring units, and he had 14 or 16. The game was a typical firefight with me getting the upper hand only on turn 4. Then, the combat began and to the credit of the Imperial Guard, I hand his chappy his arse on a plate. I actually, for the second time, got the chance to unleash 25 rerollable power weapon attacks on a single squad. The Chappy and his Jumpers were massacred where they stood by one infantry squad and 3 command squads (24 models in all). The force command and his retinue had just been obliterated by a well placed battle cannon round before the slaughter began. Also, the Storm Troopers managed to use Krak grenades to their advantage and removed a dreadnought from the game in HtH.
This army always frustrates me, but the games are always good to the last turn. I took this game 8 scoring units to 5. During the last tourney, we slugged it out to a draw in a table quarters scenario, though he had the upper hand in the end. I think the IG have proved a point this time around.

I took first place, while the bug player won 2nd place (and I'm happy for it). The marine player took 3rd, though everyone walked out with a prize. It was fun, for the most part, though next time I hope more attention to the fairness of mission/table/army selection will be evident.

Thanks for the read.
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