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Hi guys.

Before I go any further, I would like to excuse my written English and the many grammar flaws that properly will appear.

I and a friend have written the following restrictions for a small local club tournament.

If you have comments or ideas of your own. after you have looked it through, I would very much like to hear them, and take them into consideration for our next happening.
So please let me know what you think.

About 75% of the participates, have come with input and ideas to the restrictions the last few weeks, while we were working on them, ending them as you will read below.

Goal is/was to equate the army’s as much as possible, without to rewrite the rules and not have to ban items and units etc.

Day of Slaughter is the 28. December.
That will give people 4 weeks to test’n’Tweek and find the army setup that suits them best.

The following is a complete translation, of what has been written in the intro to our "tournament", so that you get an idea on how/where we want the tournament to go.
It will hopefully give you a better view of the whole picture.

Casual Cozy Christmas Tournament

As a starting point, we would like those who to participate, to field an army which of course will be fun to play with, but also entertaining to meet.

We will of course all like to win, but it's also about that we all have some fun and get a few exciting hours together, of curse with Fair Play and that we show good sportsmanship to our opponents. Not having to relinquish bragging rights, cheers, outbreaks of rage and the need for solitude biscuits, it's all a part of this amazing hobby.

It is entirely up to the individual, whether you want to build a "win at any cost" army, or whether you will try to create a very different, challenging and experimental army that could be fun to try out and play with/against.
Eg. A clean Goblin, Night Goblin, Orc, Marauder , Cavalry or Infantry army, or field a demons army only with the mark of nurgle or something similar within the restrictions, or you go for “Breaking the System”.

What food and drink is concerned, you have to bring what you will eat and drink during the day. Whether it's a bag of beer and a bottle of schnapps, you are taking a shot of every time you make miscast etc., I will leave it that up to the participants.
Take a shot when:
You roll a miscast
You make an Insane Courage roll
You kill an enemy character
A unit flees off the board
A war machine misfires
A unit fails a panic test
A unit takes casualties from crumbling/instability

My wife would like to cook a stew in the evening for those who might be interested, and we can probably lure her to brew some coffee for us as well.
Those who want a stew must bring DKK 25.

2800 pts. (which is not played with Large army rule even if you get over 3000 pts.)
Only GW books + Chaos Dwarfs from Forge World.
No Special / Named Characters.
No repetition of Lord choice.
Max 2 identical Heroes.
Max 3 identical Core.
Max 2 identical Special.
Max 1 of each Monster / Large Target and the like.
Max 4 Units / model med Fly Special Rule.
Max 4 war machines / Templates (Breath Weapon is a Template Weapon).
Max 60 BS shooting.
Max 375 pts. / Unit of Infantry ( 20x20 & 25x25 ) max 40 models.
Max 375 pts . / Unit of War beast ( 25x50 ) The limit is 30 models.
Max 375 pts . / Unit of Calvary ( 25x50 ).
Max 350 pts . / Unit of Monsters Infantry ( 40x40 ).
Max 350 pts . / Unit of Chariots ( 50x75 , 50x100 ).
Max 275 pts . / Unit of Monsters Calvary.
Max 275 pts . / Unit with the Flyer Special rule.

100 VP of General and BSB.
25 VP per. Enemy Standard .
50 VP per. Table 1 /4 full. (Each table contains the quarterback at least one of your units with a full front rank of five or worth at least 100 VP, and no enemy unit at meet the same requirements. Fleeing units do not count. A unit can only capture a single quarter, so if a unit is positioned across 2 different quarters, it will capture the quarterback where the majority of its models are (roll a dice if you cannot decide).

Fleeing units provide 50% VP.
Units below 25% provide 50% VP.
Fleeing and less than 25% provide 100% VP.

Rule Changes.
Max 2 Characters per. unit. Can be increased to 3 if at least one model has a Max of 2 Magic lvl's and Max 1 attack.
By Spells that auto kills, Characters get Look Out. (Dwellers, Final transmutation dreaded 13th).
BSB can take equipment as in the new books.
Unmodified LD is the highest in unit.
Folding Fortress not allowed.

For the fun rules.
Lowest score/ranking by score each battle, get accesses to 5 Golgfag 's Mercenary Ogres for free, until to the next game.

If a dice roll off the table and onto the floor, then the " lost " and its result do not count and cannot be rerolled. No matter what the dice roll count as. E.g. a ward save roll down on the floor, if that happens the model takes a wound as the dice roll is "lost".

Everyone must bring a Giant (He is Free to use in each game, but it is worth 100VP) The Giant has regeneration 5 +. (You must bring your own, we only have a few in reserve for those who don’t have has one).

Best Painted Army (100 VP in the first match).
Best Painted Unit (100 VP in the first match).
Best Painted Single Model (100 VP in the first match).
Best conversion of single model / unit or unit with delicious unit- filler. (100 VP in the first match).

Breaking the system
In both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 is a rule called " Breaking the system."... on page...Nm, lets do it.
If you send an armyliste Andy and Henrik before the tournament and it can be approved, you can actually be allowed to play an army that breaks the restrictions.
So if you always wanted to play a pure Night Goblin army , Pure Marauder with Angkor, Father of mammoths, or always wanted to play with your favorite Special Character, a specially themed army or whatever, then the chance here .
But remember this is not a tool that you should try to circumvent the intent of the restrictions. This is done to allow quirky and fun armies that might unfairly get hit by the restrictions wide wing shade.

You must choose Lore for each magician before the first game and drawing of the opponent/Table/Scenario.
The Lore you choose Must be used in all games, but you roll new Spell’s at every game. ( LZ can still swap spells if they have High Magic ).
Max 12 dice per. magic phase.
Max 5 on Lore of Death, Shadow and Lore of Hashut.
No boosts of 6th Spells.
No repetition of Spells beyond Signature Spells (again repeats of Lore of Death), Bound spells do not count.
Max 2 Power / dispel dice extra per phase + Challenge.

Army -specific

Bretonnia (+200 )
+ 50 pts. if you do not take Lore of Life or Heavens.
+ 50 pts. if you do not take Virtue of heroism (Heroic Killing Blow ).
+100 Pts. if no trebuchet.

Beastmen (+200 pts. +1 Power Dice )
Tuskgor Chariot max 4
Ungor Riders Max 4
Unit Cap Max 50 and Max 450 pts.
+100 Pts. if you do not take Headstone Shard.

Chaos Dwarfs
Chalice or Sorcerer Prophet.
Iron Daemon count as a War machine.
K'daii Count as a War machine ( Max 1 unit).
Magma Cannon / Hell Cannon 0-1/Dreadquake mortar max 3 total.
+100 Pts. if you play without war machines ( K'daii allowed).
+ 50 pts. if you play without Chalice of Darkness.

Dark Elves
Max 45 xbows ( Charaters and Chariots do not count).
Bolt throwers counts as 3 xbows.
Max 10 Warlocks in total.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have a Supreme Sorceress with.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have Warlocks with.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have a Death Hag.
+ 50 pts. If you do not have Witch Elves.

Daemons of Chaos
Max 1 Skull Cannon.
Max 8 Beast of Nurgle total.
Max 4 Flying Units ( Chariot and Hover not count).
The Rock of Inevitability can not be accepted.
+50 Pts if you do not take a Greater Daemon.
+50 Pts if you do not take Flamers of Tzeeentch.

Quarrelers / Thunders max 45
Max +4 dispel dices extra and max 1 auto dispel.
+ 50 pts. If you do not have an Anvil of Doom.
+100 Pts. If you do not have war machines.

Max 45 model with size 4 shooting.
Helblasters counts as 10 and as 1 War machine
Max 3 units of Knightly Orders.
Max 2 Cannon.
Max 1 Steam Tank (also counts a War machine).
+ 50 pts. If you do not have War altar.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have Steam Tank.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have more than 1 Wizard.

High Elves
Max 5 Flying Units (large target counts as 2).
All Bolt throwers counts for 3 BS shots (also those on Chario).
+ 50 pts. if you do not have Banner of the Word with Dragon.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have the Book of Hoeth.

Slann can not be BSB.
Max 3 Razordon models total.
Max 3 Salamander models total.
Max 60 Models med Skirmish Special rules.
+150 Pts. if you do not take a Slann.
+ 50 pts. if you do not take a BSB.

Ogre Kingdom
Max 1 Mournfang Unit.
Max 1 dispel scroll / Hell Heart.
Max 2 total of : Slaughter Master / Iron Blaster 0-1/Standard of Discipline / Crown of Command.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have Hell Heart with.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have an Slaughter Master.

Orc & Goblins ( +100 pts)
Max 9 Fanatics / Manglers.
+150 Pts. If you do not have war machines.

Max 20 Gutter Runners total.
Max 3 of: Hell Pit / Screaming Bell / 2 Assassins / Doom Wheel 0-1/Warp Lightning Cannon 0-1.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have Doom Rocket.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have Brass Orb .
+ 50 pts. if you do not have storm banner.

Tomb Kings ( +200 pts)
Max 80 models with Bow and Giant Bow.
TK must repeat the Lord Choice.
May have 2 of either Warsphinx or Necrosphinx. Max 3 in total.
May generate 3 Power dice per. Phase + channeling.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have Nefferas Scroll.
+100 Pts. if you do not have a High Priest No. 2.

Vampire Count
Max 3 Units of Ethereal units.
Max 1 Blood Knight Unit.
Max 3 with a shriek.
No repetition of Powers.
+ 50 pts. if there is no screams.
+100 Pts. no Vampire Lord.

Warriors of Chaos
Max 3 of Daemon Prince , Lord and Heroes on Deamonic Monunts (All kinds) / units of Skullcrushers.
Models with 3 + Ward Save may not have Third Eye of Tzeentch.
Max 3 Chariots total.
Daemon Prince Max of 3 : Level1-2/Level 3-4/Nurgle / Fly / Soul feeder / 2 + Armour Save or better.
+ 50 pts. If you do not have a Chaos Lord or Daemon Prince.
+ 50 pts. If you do not have Skullcrushers.
+ 50 pts. If you do not have a BSB on a mount (all kinds mount).
+ 50 pts. If 50% of the core is marauders.

Wood Elves (+200 pts)
Max 70 Glade Guards.
May have up to 8 Treekin with a unit.
May have 2 Treemen with (all kinds).
Eternal Guards always counts as core.
Spell Weaver may take all Lores in the great book too.
Spellsinger can take Lore of Athens, Beast and Life.
+ 50 pts. if you do not have more than 50 Bows.
+ 50 pts. If you take Eternal Guards.
+ 50 pts. If you do not have the Wand of the Wych Elm.
+ 50 pts. If you do not have a Treeman of any kind.

Army lists must be submitted upon arrival at either Andy or Henrik, and PM/email us the lists.
Not mudslinging lists in handwriting, but properly set up.
These we will be posted at PF, so that everyone can see the different armies.

Using Proxy’s
If someone lacks a model or do not have enough of one kind to make the desired unit, then it is ok to spend some Proxy models to create his army.
No empty bases may be used.
Proxies may not be used to make whole units.
There must be a minimum Front Rank of the original models, 5 or 10 models, so everyone is aware of what unit it is.
Is it a Proxy Monster like it must be the same size + -, and preferably with a small image (copy / paste / print from GW) of the original model so all (opponents) cannot remember what model it is.

For further information, clarification or proposed restrictions, please write me or Andy a PM mail.

Come early so you have time to unpack, chat, who play against who opponent and on what board, etc., etc.

Each table will be ready with terrain and with info about which scenario is used, Dawn Attack, Battle for the Pass etc. In addition, we will work on a few Missions as well.

The program is tentative at the moment.
When the time is up, all games end no matter what turn you are at, and how far through it you is, Game Ends. As soon and as fast as possible counts VP together e.t.c, and move on to the next table/opponent.

0800+ Arrival, drawing of opponent and board.
0830 Deployment on first table and reconciliation of the best painted army/conversion, cast your vote.
Game 1 0900-1200
Game 2 1215-1515
Game 3 1530 - 1830
Game 4 1900-2200
(Game 5 from 2215 to 0115 )
Last game will be an opportunity for those who don’t have to be home early, or if you haven’t got shitfaced and still can manage to stand on your feet.

There may also be the opportunity for those who want too, to continue playing on Sunday morning/afternoon, with a shared breakfast and a "few" more games.
I will leave this option open for those who wish it.

There is room for 10 participants in the basement.
If it should turn out, that more want to join, then the number can be expanded to 14 and 2 gaming tables will be set up in the dining room.

Should the number of participants be an odd number as 9 or 11, then we take turns to sit a battle over, you can only sit over once.

When you sign up, it is voluntary to disclose what army you bring.
Registration is "binding", as if you sign up, we'd like to be able to trust that you are coming, and we do not have to say no to others.

1 Henrik, DE / Empire / O&G / VC / HE
2 Andy, Empire / DE / WoC / VC
3 MC, WoC / Empire / HE / O&G / BT / Dwarfs
4 ThaAndz aka Anders, HE / BM
5 Old- John aka Simon, WoC / HE
6 Black Brian aka Andres, DE / DoC
7 " Lotte," OK / ?
8 Swellzong aka Peter, TK /?
9 Mbayne aka Michael, Skaven / WE
10th Api aka Ulrik, O&G / Dwarfs
11 Nags aka Knud, HE / ?
12 *

Waiting list:
*Stefan, Skaven / ?

A rumor has it that 2 WE and 1 LM player are considering to join.

Gentlemen, here you go, now please speak your mind, I might listen.
I properly won’t comment much, but I will read it and think about what seems fair and square.


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I like the idea of attaching a small picture of the official model to proxies.

I would not play in a tournament that included a mandatory drinking game as I have seen more than enough accidental breakages with sober players; however, if that is what you want to do, it is your tournament.

The 15 minute gaps between games look very short to me. Unless your players are much more disciplined than I have seen at any tournament 30 minutes would be better (especially as they will have been drinking a lot by the time they get to the last games).
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