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Hey guys.

Here is a battle report from a battle I had earlier today.
It was my Iron Snakes (+ some Ultra's) vs his Snakebitez (gradually growing) force.

Here is the Iron Snakes list-->
Librarian with Gate of Infinity and Null Zone (attached to first Tactical Squad) - 100

10-man Tactical Squad with Flamer and Missile Launcher in Rhino - 205
10-man Tactical Squad with Flamer and Heavy Bolter in Rhino - 205

Heavy Support
Vindicator - 115
Vindicator - 115

Here is the Snakebitez list-->
Warboss with Cybork Body, 'Eavy Armour and Power Klaw - 100

6 Nobz, one upgraded to Painboy. All have Cybork Bodies, one has Power Klaw, one has Bosspole and one has Big Choppa - 215

20 Slugga Boyz, one Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole - 160
10 'Ard Boyz, one Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole - 140

Fast Attack
3 Deffkoptas with Twin-linked Rokket Launcha - 135

Game Turn One

This was an annihilation Pitched Battle match. We rolled off for who deploys first and has the first turn, he rolled a 1, and I rolled a 2. I decided to go first.

The terrain consisted of the Fortress of Redemption set and a random hill I made. He Fortress of Redempion was broken up and scattered throughout the table as I have no other terrain...:blush:

Also, the 2 predators in the image are proxy-ing the two vindicators in my list.

As his Deffkoptas have the Stealth universal rule, he moved them slightly closer towards my armour, drawing them into the line of sight of their twin-linked rokkit launchas.

Space Marine Player Turn One
My Iron Snakes deployed first.
I did not move any of my units, as I wanted my armour to be able to fire to their maximum and for my tactical squads to be able to fire their heavy weapons.
My vindicator on the left of the image shot it's demolisher cannon towards the 20-strong Boy squad on the left. After some easy rolls, I managed to kill 4 of his orks.
The Rhino on the left shot his storm bolter at the same boy squad and only killed a single ork. (thank god for their aweful armour save!)
My Iron Snake Squad obliterated a lot of the other boyz in that squad, killing a total of 8. Unfortunately for me, they passed their morale test.
On the right-hand side of the board, my second vindicator aimed an ordnance barrage at the Warboss and the Nobz, but scattered wildly out of control. Luckily for me, I jsut managed to hit one of his 'ard boyz, which died in flourish of flailing limbs. :)
The 'ard boyz then failed their pinning test and went to ground.
My second tactical squad (the Ultramarines) let loose a hail of bolter-fire at the 'ard boyz, the heavy bolter marine killing one, whilst the bolter marines killed another 2 'ard boyz.
With the 'ard boyz losing 25% of their number, they took their moral test, failing horribly, rolling a three. On their fall back roll, they move back 2 inches, ever-so-close to running off their own table edge...

Ork Player Turn One

At the start of his movement phase, he tried to regroup his 'ard boyz....and failed!!! The best part is, (for me), he had to fall back 9"...running his 'ard boyz completely of the table! :biggrin:
Suitably aggitated, he moved his Nobz and Warboss behind the stair set, advancing behind cover. He ran, and managed to advance a further 6".
His pretty decimated boyz squad advanced towards my Iron Snake tactical squad, and tried to run, but only rolled a 1.
His Deffkoptas moved 6 inches as well, and shot their twin-linked rokkit launcha's at my Vindicator on the left. This was pretty tense for me, but I managed to get away with an immobilised result. This wasn't so bad for me as I wasn't planning on moving my vindicators anyway.

At the end of his turn he was too far away to assault, and so it was my turn.

Game Turn Two

Space Marine Player Turn Two

At the start of this phase, his Boyz where relatively close to my marines, and I wanted to try avoid close combat. So, first, I got my tactical marine squad with Librarian, passed the psychic test and used Gate of Infinity, sending the squad behind the Nobz, within shooting range but comfortably away from his Nobz/Warboss assaulting me.
I risked this, as they were attempting to land near the table edge. Luckily for me, I landed directly and didn't scatter :)
The rhino on the right moved 6 inches around a piece of terrain to face the ork boy squad.
The rest of my men stayed still.
The rhino on the left tried to tank shock (first time I tried this). It moved 12", first coming into contact with the ork boyz. He nominated his Power klaw nob to attempt 'death or glory!', but thankfully, failed :drinks: He lost his Nob :)laugh:) and the Rhino continued to tank shock the deffkoptas. This time they passed their tank shock, and destroyed my storm bolter. :(
My tactical squad with Librarian began to shoot at his Nobz, killing two in total. He passed 2 of his feel no pains, so if he hadn't upgraded them he would have lost more.
Back with my vindicators, the one on the left shot it's demolisher cannon at the deffkoptas, killing two of them. The remaining deffkopta fails his morale test, and falls back 12".
The second vindicator shot at the ork boyz, scoring a direct hit over 6 of them, obliterating them utterly. The Iron Snake squads ML marine killed a further boy after a small 1" scatter. The rest of the marines let loose their rapid-fire bolters, as the boys where within 12" of the marines. They wipe out the remaining boyz in that squad :) Lucky me!

At this, the ork player called it quits, seeing as his force was utterly destroyed and the only remaining unit was his nobz.

At the end, I killed all of the orks bar 4 nobz and a warboss, whilst he did not kill ANY of my marines, but immobilised a vindicator and destroyed my one of my rhinos weapon. A resounding victory me thinks :)

Sorry about a not-so perfect quality of this report, and the lack of photos, but I have never written a proper report before :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy :victory:
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