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There's been a rather large kaffufle lately on other forums and on blogs (inc. mine) about the use and utility of blocking. A friend of mine late last night (i.e. 1amish) thought he understood the concept but wanted to see a game first before he dropped his final verdict. Rather than wait until our exams are over we ran a simulation on Vassal for immediate gratification. This in the end isn't a battle report but example battle (although all rolls were done at the time) to show concepts such as target prioirty, focus firing/strength, blocking, etc. In that sense it's a practical "advanced" tactica.

The link to the report is here. Won't post it here because it uses Vassal pictures but will try and get some real-life games in ASAP to show these concepts with real pictures, too.

I think these type of battles (ignoring the Vassal aspect) are good for everyone to notice any mistakes made and learn about advanced tactics which seem a bit intangible when explained. This gives concrete examples and a platform for discussion.
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