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quick question, I used a desk lamp to take the pictures but they seemed to yellow them out, any thoughts? The hair on the bloodclaw for instance really looks good, it transitions from deep red to bright orange well but the pictures don't show that. I'm not a photographer by any means but would like to at least get some decent photos...:scratchhead:
Average desk lamps have a warm hue (ie the light they emit is yellow/redish in the tone). To remedy this you can try a couple of things:

1. Buy a daylight bulb for your desklamp (very good lamplight to paint in, you should have one for evening painting anyway!) which solves the problem (it has a colder light (ie not yellow)).
2. See if your camera has some kind of filter for average lightbulbs (called "white balance"). If it has that setting try taking some pictures of a white object IN your desklamps light with different setting and see which setting makes the object white in the picture. Use that setting when you take pictures and they will be MORE accurate to the real thing.
3. Only take pictures in daylight (preferably not in direct sunlight, a day with white clouds in the sky is perfect).
4. Try taking pictures of your miniatures with the flash on (this is however often extremely difficult to do unless you have some kind of box).
5. Get a camera which has a white balance setting.

Hope this was helpful in some way.
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