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SM Bike Squad?

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Hello all!

Whether you're a White Scars player or not, looking for suggestions for incorporating a bike squad into my balanced Ultramarine list. I've been using attack bikes and I like their mobility (and the models themselves) so much that I'm thinking of getting a full bike squad and trying them out. Here's the setup I was thinking of:

1 Attack Bike w/ Heavy Bolter
4 Bikes, 2 w/ Meltaguns
1 Bike Sergeant w/ Powerfist & Teleport Homer
TOTAL POINTS = 265 (If my calcs are correct...)

Any thoughts? Good or bad? I picture a unit that can roll in and put down lots of bolter fire on infantry - but that can also shoot armor or assault if need be (meltaguns/powerfist) and another teleport homer spot for my termies.

Has anyone seen other effective setups for bike squads? All suggestions welcome. Thanks.
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The price, really. You are paying more for this unit than for a terminator squad, a land raider or a pair of predators and you really are not getting anywhere near the power that you could get for the price. Bikes just cost too many points.
I don't think it is that they are overpriced as much as people don't utilize them properly. I think people tend to think of them as "fast" Space Marines, and play with them in the exact same fashion.

Both White Scars and Ravenwing armies are competitive, they just have a much higher learning curve than most armies in 40k. They play differently, and VP denial becomes a much larger factor when using them.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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