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SM Bike Squad?

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Hello all!

Whether you're a White Scars player or not, looking for suggestions for incorporating a bike squad into my balanced Ultramarine list. I've been using attack bikes and I like their mobility (and the models themselves) so much that I'm thinking of getting a full bike squad and trying them out. Here's the setup I was thinking of:

1 Attack Bike w/ Heavy Bolter
4 Bikes, 2 w/ Meltaguns
1 Bike Sergeant w/ Powerfist & Teleport Homer
TOTAL POINTS = 265 (If my calcs are correct...)

Any thoughts? Good or bad? I picture a unit that can roll in and put down lots of bolter fire on infantry - but that can also shoot armor or assault if need be (meltaguns/powerfist) and another teleport homer spot for my termies.

Has anyone seen other effective setups for bike squads? All suggestions welcome. Thanks.
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I definitely don't think bikes are a frontline assault unit - but thought the powerfist would be useful if assault seemed advantageous or for a follow-up charge on a tank. Plus the vet can carry another tele homer for my termies, might as well give him a weapon? Or maybe I'm way off.
Yeah, my whole thinking behind it is after using attack bikes - their speed is amazing. Plus getting to pack a pair of meltaguns, what's not to love?
There's a topic here on bike squads in Codex SM armies (my Ultramarines battle company, in fact...) - hope it's of some interest/relevance.

Oh! Well I'll have to look then!
The price, really. You are paying more for this unit than for a terminator squad, a land raider or a pair of predators and you really are not getting anywhere near the power that you could get for the price. Bikes just cost too many points.

For a much cheaper teleport homer carrier try scout bikers.

Actually that probably won't work in the long term. I think that scout bikes will be missing from the next version of the codex. They aren't in the BT, DA or BA lists as I recall and you can't get the models any more.
Upon further thought I think I'll keep my HB attack bikes. I think that bikes have niche uses in certain armies, but I'm sure I'm better off with the 3 cheap HB attack bikes and spending the points elsewhere.

That's a bit sad about the scout bikes. Even though I haven't used them, they're kind of a cool unit. I'm not sure if anyone uses them though.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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