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Slaanesh Themed WHFB army...

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At present I'm working on a warhammer Slaanesh army, with the sheer volume of leadership test and the new rules for fear and teror, I figured that it was time to dust off my brushes and start afresh... here's what I've ammased so far (and some close ups too)

Slaanesh Lord

Warriors and Sorcerer

Marauders and Sorcerer

Close up of Sorcerer 1

Close up of Sorcerer 2

I've just finished my Cavalry and Marauder horsemen units (I just dont have my camera anymore (got stolen by some foul Tzeenchian mischief maker)
But as soon as I can, I'll be posting the pics.:eek:k:

Click it...
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How's this for cool, no sooner had I posted this than my wife found my spare cam... within the next following minutes, I "should" have some more pics to show how the force is coming along...
As promised, this is the army so far... once I get the Knight painted and I have added the fur pelts and Cloaks to the old school warriors, they will count as either my Choesn or my forsaken.

2,000 point army (so far)
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By the way, the changes to the army are because my cat landed on my container holding my army and she killed a LOT of them so they had to be re-glued and painted.
FINALLY have pics of the finished army... tell me what you think guys...

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Currnetly working on a scratch build Hell cannon (I'll post when I have a working Cam again) as for the Cav pics... I'm trying to find the pics I did have... I'll get them up as soon as I can. Sorry I haven't been on in a while, been busy with work and the wife... you know... the distractions :p

P.S.... Thanks for all the great feedback...
As I was saying... I'l post them AS SOON AS I FIND MY CAM AGAIN!!!! :p don't worry, I know that they WILL be posted +... hopefully the first unit of Daemonettes for my 1,000 point contingency force...
I know it's been FOREVER since I last posted on here, but I thought I would FINALLY get those close ups you all wanted lol (sorry I was away for so long, had a LOT of things go on with real life stuff.

Chosen/Forsaken unit

Chaos Knights

Marauder Horsemen

Chaos Warhounds

And finally, a WIP of my Slaanesh based Skullcrushers.

Hope you like them guys

*edit* sorry about the random date at the bottom of the pics, Wife was messing wife the cam and accidentally reset it
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first, thanks for the kind words everyone :D

O.k. update time again... here's how My Soulcrushers (Slaaneshi Skullcrushers) arecoming along.

And here's some Commission work banners I just completed

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Loving those banners. Hand painted I'm guessing?
Yup, I do them freehand, infact, I just started doing commission ones for some friends. rteasonably cheap to do and only take around 12-15 hrs to do from start to finish making them pretty affordable for everyone too :) I usually charge between $25-$40 for each banner depending on size and detail wanted.
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