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All what i am about to say is completely personal preference.
(Pics will be posted later)
When doing the little skulls on my Marines i tend to undercoat them black like the rest of my models. a thin undercoat is always better as it doesnt erase or minimize the detail. i then paint the detail around the skull in dwarf bronze (again personal preference, use whatever colour is in your scheme, it just helps to have colour around it, makes it stand out) then apply one layer of skull white. watch how this turns out, it normally leaves small dots of black showing through. what you do next is up to you.
i then recoat it with skull white to make it a bright white so it really satnds out againt my darker models. however you may prefer to use bleached bone dependong on your colour scheme.

whenever painting the colours on use a small amount on your brush, its easy to add more, but hard to take away the paint once its on. also try not to get the white into the eyes and nostrils (if there is any, depends on size of skull) so they remain black (remember the black undercoat) this makes the detail really stand out and keeps the skull looking real.

thats all for now, i will update as i find more techniques for painting various parts of models :) hope you guys find this usefull in some way or other
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