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Skitarii (Tech Guard) codex?

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Is there currently an official published Skitarii army list out there?

If not, I thought it might be fun if we worked together the make one. Unfortunately I don't know even close to enough about them to try and do it alone, but it might be a fun project if enough of us are feeling ambitious/bored.

What do you guys think?
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I see. I hadn't thought of the scout marine option. hmm... and now the wheels start turning in my head. :)
Hmmm... as long as the Knight was 0-1, an HQ and expensive as heck, then maybe.... I really like those Magos HQs though. :)

I did a bit of digging around on Lexicanum, found a few things that might be helpful:

Ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus

* Fabricator-General
* The Ruling Priesthood (Techpriests):
o Magos
o Logis
o Genetor
o Artisan
* The Ordinary Priesthood (Techpriests):
o Electro-priest
o Enginseer
o Rune Priest
o Transmechanic
o Lexmechanic
* Servitor

* Secutor

Divisions of the Skitarii

* Hyspasists (infantry)
* Sagitarii (heavy weapons)
* Balisteria (artillery, vehicular)
* Cataphractii (armored vehicles)
* Praetorians (Obliterator-like Servitors)
* Tribunes (officers)

Legio Cybernetica Robot Types

* Crusader (light, agile, anti-personnel)
* Colossus (siege)
* Cataphract (multi-purpose)
* Castellan (siege and anti-tank)
* Conquerer (assault and anti-tank).

Here's an idea I had after reading your Magos Cybernetica. What if there was a base Skitarii guardsman-like troop, but also a troop choice only available if you have the appropriate Magos HQ? Not only would it help to make AdMech armies very different from each other, but it would also help to limit Knights as HQ options while still keeping them available--after all, if you use a Knight as your only HQ, you only have one Troop option.

I also came up with a few special rules as well:

Emotionless: Many Tech-Guard soldiers have undergone emotional-suppression surgery in order to be more disciplined in battle. This makes them feel no fear, but also no aggression. Models with this special rule are Fearless, but do not recieve the usual +1 Attack for assaulting. (this would be an upgrade option for everything in the army that's actually Skitarii, i.e. not tech-priests or robots)

The soldiers of the Skitarii more often than not have at least some level of bionic augmentation. This will be listed as "Bionics #" with the number representing the level of augmentation. These levels are cumulative, for example a model with "Bionics 3" would have the benefits of level 1, 2 and 3.

Some of the basic troops, probably with Guardsman stats, would maybe be at Bionics 1, upgradable to 2 at a fairly low cost. Anything beyond that would be Elite, Heavy, Fast or HQ.

Level 1:
At this stage, a soldier may have some small mechanical body parts or organs that are far more durable than the original biological part. The model recieves a 6+ Invulnerable save. They also recieve +1 to their Toughness, similar to how the bonus from bikes work (so the model is still treated as its base value for calculating Instant Death.)

Level 2:
The soldier recieves sensory augmentation in addition to its bodily enhancements. This model has Acute Senses, and treats all its ranged weaponry as twin-linked.

Level 3:
With further bodily enhancements, this model's armor save increases to 3+, and it recieves a shoulder-mounted gun controlled by a Mind Impulse Unit. This gun is fired in addition to the model's normal weaponry, does not count against the number of ranged attacks it may normally make, does not benefit from Bionics 2's twin-linking bonus, and the model may assault after firing a Rapid Fire weapon. By default this weapon is a lasgun, but if they have any options for replacing their standard weaponry with alternative ranged weapons, any of those may replace this lasgun instead.

Level 4:
After even more enhancements to its muscles and bones, this model's invulnerable save increases to 5+, and it recieves a +1 bonus to Strength that is added after any multipliers (such as power fists) are applied. In addition, it recieves upgraded sensory implants that allow it to, once at the beginning of your turn, measure the distance from this model to a single enemy or terrain feature. You are not required to fire or assault this enemy if they are the target of this measurement.

Level 5:
Now much more machine than man, this model is now equiped with a basic self-repair system that, while not perfect, can sometimes return the soldier to a partially functioning state. They recieve the We'll Be Back rule as if they were a Necron, although after they return for the first time they treat open ground and roads as difficult terrain. If part of a unit, they will not leave their comrad behind, and are all subject to the associated movement penalty.
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Thank you!

Hmmm... so some of them are hyper aggressive? Hmm... maybe they should have another option to give them Rage and/or Furious Charge, but be unable to be both Emotionless and Aggressive?

What do people know about the Legio Cybernetica? I haven't been able to find out much beyond what Lexicanum has, so if anyone knows more about it than what's on there, maybe we could use these robots to add more to our codex?
Punisher Cannons are on a version of the Leman Russ in the Imperial Guard codex, I believe. At least if it's what I think you're talking about.

Yup, definitely planning ot keep their S and T at 3 by default. I thought doing it through Bionics instead of just boosting their base stats would allow them to still be weaker than Space Marines but stronger than Guardsmen, since they get some of the benefits (harder to wound) but not others (still suffer instant death on S6.)

An old edition style Armory list that applies to the Troop choices. Hmm... while it might make it a little more work to put specific lists together, I definitely agree, it's a lot more fitting for the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Here's an idea to keep robots stupid.

Robots are only able to follow the most basic of commands, and cannot easily adjust these commands to as the battle rages on. At the beginning of your turn, each robot unit that isn't already obeying a command must be given one of the following commands. Unless given the "Stop" order, it must act according to the order given until it has been completely performed once.

-Move: Place a marker on the table to indicate the point you want the robot to move to. It must move and run as far as it can in a straight line each turn until it reaches that point.
-Fire (Weapon): The robot approaches the target until the specific weapon selected is at its maximum range, then fires.
-Attack: The robot approaches the target until it can be assaulted, then may assault.
-Guard: The robot remains stationary and fires at the nearest target every turn until given a "Stop" order.
-Stop: This order may be given to a robot already obeying a previous order. The robot cancels its last order and becomes idle. It does nothing that turn, but may be issued a new order at the start of the next turn.

Lexicanum says they opperate in "maniples" of 3-5 with a Legio tech-adept commanding them, so I'd say commands can only be issued as long as there is a tech-adept in the unit. If he is killed or leaves by some other means, the robots become idle once they complete their most recent order and cannot be given new orders until a tech-adept joins them again. (Of course, if you just wanted them to hold an objective, you could just give them a Guard order, then the tech-adept would be free to do whatever they want.)
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If a Magos Genetor is present, the Hyspasist Squad may be upgraded with one Genetic Augmentation from the following list: Emotional-suppression surgery, giving them Fearless for 20 points; Alacritous Movement augmentation, giving them Fleet for 20 points; Aggression Control Node, fiving them Furious Charge for 20 points, Tapetum Lucidum, giving them Acute Senses for 10 points or Genecoded Indoctrination, giving them Stubborn for 10 points.
Why don't we combine this with the USR idea lokis had?

We have the different Magos types, with a menu of upgrades for each of them that can be applied to any model with the "Skitarii" special rule. If your Hyspasist Squad is lead by a Tech-Priest of that type, that unit may select from those upgrades. If one of your Magos HQs is of that type, any model with "Skitarii" may take any of those upgrades, in addition to the types available from the Tech-Priest assigned to them. If both the Magos and the Tech-Priest are the same type, one of the upgrades of your choice is free.
Good point, it could... hmm...

I should probably get to bed, it's 6:30 AM where I am and I haven't gotten any sleep yet, lol. Much to ponder, definitely.

I'll sleep on it, and try to come up with a way to keep the customized feel of the Skitarii without making it horribly complex, unless any of you guys beat me to it of course ;-)

Oh, and if we want to use my Bionics rules, I was thinking maybe 5 pts per model per level. So if you want a Hyspasist squad with Bionics 2, they would cost 10 extra points per model. Perhaps the Magos Cybernetica could make Bionics 1 free as well?
i have the adeptus mechanicus rulebook if any one is interested although I don't want to ruin anybody's fun
There's a rulebook?
It looks like that was written back in 2003 and is still experimental... do you think they're still developing it after at least 7 years, or have they probably scrapped it?
I attempted to contact the e-mail address given for the author, and apparently that address no longer exists... so assuming it was ever even legit and not just a really infectious rumor/prank, my guess is that it's never going to be made into a legal army anyway.

That said, we could certainly take some ideas from it, maybe even use it as a starting point and adjust it to be more practical.

I found this version of what's supposedly the same thing while wandering Google a bit. I liked it a little more because it developed the various types of Magos a bit more, among other things. It also had Praetorians, although I think we should do them differently--in this they're pretty much just expensive Space Marines.

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