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For sale is an entire starter army of Skaven for Warhammer Fantasy. All models are painted, based, and varnished to a good tabletop standard, see pictures for specifics. Included is 1 Warlord model converted with a great weapon, 11 Nightrunners with Champion, 24 Clanrats with full command, and 20 Plague Monks with 2 hand weapons and full command. Larger pictures of the entire set are featured on our website. No reserves.


In addition anyone who bids on this auction will receive a 25% discount on any order from Hammer and Brush. This could be anything from painting to assembly to even ordering new models (we do have a supplier after all!) Whatever you want at 25% off! And if your the winner of the auction you receive the models, the discount, and free shipping of the army to wherever you are! So bid early and often and get that discount at the very least!

This auction features over $250 worth of painting labor from Hammer and Brush that we are offering at a starting bid of $100. For an exact price breakdown read more or simply head over to the auction and check out the great deal.

1 Warlord: $10.00
11 Nightrunners w/Champion: $56.00
20 Plague Monks w/full command: $103.00
24 Clanrats w/full command: $123.00
Total: $292.00
Without counting materials or assembly costs!
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