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I started by namin a bunch of my Characters and squad. Transposing written fluff to typed is a pain int he ass with my hand writing so it will a couple days.

Chaos Warband Name: Skallagrim's Reapers
Former Chapter name: Zealots of Varlorion
Geneseed base: War Hounds
Homeworld: Varlorion

FLuff: ( Insert fluff here) Working on it I promise

Head Quaters:
Lord Skallagrim, Demon Prince of Tzeentch
(Formerly Chief Librarian Skallagrim)

Khorne's Champion, Lukâ (Chaos Lord)
(Formerly Battle-Brother Lukâ, Chapter Chaplain)

Vathaz, Master of the Senses, Sorcerer of Slaanesh
(Formerly Chief Apothecary, Vathaz)

Elite Units:
Lukâ's Marauders - Terminator Champions

Vathaz's Vipers - Chosen

Skallagrim's Gifted - Possessed

Slagfist, Chaos Dreadnought
(Formerly Venerable-Brother Ivan)

Knucklehead, Chaos Dreadnought
(Formerly Chapter Master Stramnnar)

Maverick, Chaos Dreadnought
(former Thousand Sons Dreadnought found disabled in underground bunker)

Troop Units:

Drago's Dragons:
Lead by Aspiring Champion Drago - Anti-Armor squad, with Transport

Hyder's Hydras:
Lead by Aspiring Champion Hyder - Anti-Infantry squad, With Transport

Lead by Aspiring Champion Merrik - Anti-Heavy Infantry, with Transport

Lead by Aspiring Champion Rustuger - Anti-Heavy Infantry

Breaker's Berzerkers:
Lead by Skull Champion Breaker - Khorne Berzerkers, with transport

Asher's Skull Brethren
Lead by Skull Champion Asher - Khorne Berzerks, with transport

Lukâ's Berzerker Guard:
Khorne Berzerkers

Fast Attack Units:

Vathaz's Personal Guard:
Raptor Cult

Heavy Support Units:
Zamoluenpar the Chained - Defiler

Skallagrim's Fist - Predator, anti-tank load out

The Halestorm - Havoc Squad

Lukâ's Mobile Assault Platform - Landraider

The Marauder Wagon - Landraider

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Naming each and every individual in your army is really a good thing! I did the same myself and now I've also started to write my own storyline (also the painting aspect is a lot more fun this way)

now onto your post;
this is actually more like an army list without the fluff, to bad cause you really got me interested

oh also; wouldn't skallagrim and vathaz come to blows, you know ... having different gods 'n such?

looking forwards to more! keep 'em coming
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