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Had parts of this in one form or another for ages. Figured I'd post it here while it's still relevant for two weeks... I'll probably update it once the new eDex comes out. :whistle:

A Brief and Highly Biased Overview of the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle Codex in 6th Edition


The HQ section is... weird. It's got as much or more stuff in it than any other two sections combined yet the Special Characters beat the crap out of the normal choices so much it's not even funny.

St. Celestine

Overall pretty fantastic. Your first HQ choice in any game. She's wonderful against infantry. Her jump pack should allow you to get her where she can do the most good. Having nothing but a Krak Grenade against vehicles decidedly limits her... She won't be cutting through Baneblades anytime soon. Damn you Saint Sabbat for raising my expectations.

Warning: Utterly horrible vulnerability to walkers. An armoured Sentinel will keep her locked in CC all game. Any walker that actually has a DCC, which is most of them, will keep her locked in combat until she fails an Invulnerable save and gets Instant Killed, which given Miraculous Intervention is actually preferable as she still has a chance to contribute later, then. Can be used to draw fire away from something else - just remember she may choose to keep lying down on the job.

When you have the points, ALWAYS stick her with a bodyguard of Seraphim. In 6th, there's not a single downside and a lot of synergy.

Rumours of Celestine's undying nature being due to her being the Emperor's errand Daemoness are obviously vicious lies.

Uriah Jacobus, Protector of the Faith

Your second HQ of choice for larger games. Stick him with a Battle Conclave, which he unlocks, and watch as the Banner of Sanctity turns its ass-kicking and survivability up to Eleven. He also grants Stubborn himself, as well as Ld10. The bit where he'll let you reroll Faith points is just a bonus at that point.

Arch-Confessor Kyrinov

Mainly here to, at 15 additional points, give all the normal Confessors an inferiority complex. Has a large number of upgrades compared to them. The Simulacrum Imperialis alone costs 20 for normal squads. Also has a Power weapon to their Chainsword, a Bolt pistol to their laspistols, makes people Fearless and has a Laud Hailer. In short, he's a good choice if you don't like Uriah Jacobus or want to change things up a bit.


If you've read Kyinov's entry you're wondering why these guys even bothered to show up. The only thing they can add to an army Kyrinov can't is some good added range punch in the form of a Plasma Gun... which amusingly costs 15 points. Are you SURE you don't want to bring Kyrinov instead? :dunno:

Battle Conclave

(Does not take up HQ slot)

Serious anti-infantry CC. You'll generally want to leave the Arco-Flagellants at home. Use Crusaders to catch the damage and Death Cult Assassins to dish it out and, especially with Jacobus there, you'll basically murderize anyone you bloody well want. Note that the warning on Celestine also applies here - the best anti-armour they've got is likely a Krak Grenade on whoever unlocked them.


Having been barred from the Witch Hunters Armoury, the WDex Canoness is something of an also-ran. The loss of a Jump Pack option especially hurts as she can't keep up with Seraphim anymore. Has an Act of Faith that focuses on CC, granting +1 Initiative and Preferred Enemy in the Assault Phase, which is really kind of useless. Most of the army is generally trying to stay OUT of CC. Only Celestians really benefit. Unlocks a Sororitas Command Squad, but doesn't really synergize with it. Just leave her at home until she remembers where she left the keys to the armoury, and likely even then.

Sororitas Command Squad

(Does not take up HQ slot)

This squad frustrates the hell out of me as it's very close to being good but is stuck at being mediocre. It's got heavy weapons, Feel No Pain, a Laud Hailer and an Act of Faith that grants it a wonderful mobility. Unfortunately, it is expensive and completely lacks in members it can afford to lose without an extreme impact on effectiveness. It BADLY needs a couple ablative Wounds. Keep it benched until it does.


The Elite section of the army is rather disappointing overall, especially as it has a ludicrous focus on providing CC that just does. Not. Work. A large part of that is the lack of a transport with an Assault Ramp, which means they often have to expose themselves to enemy fire for a turn. The second large part is an unfortunate tendency of being Initiative 3 and getting slaughtered before they get an attack off. This is where you shop when everything else is filled already and you don't want to deal with Allies. :wacko:

Celestian Squad

Act of Faith Hand of the Emperor grants +1 S and Fearless. These got nerfed from Witch Hunters, losing an Initiative point as well as their ability to always hit on 3+. They picked up an extra Attack though. It's an okayish trade but a general inability to keep up with enemy CC squads - partially due to the unreliability of the Act, partially due to Initiative - hurts them a lot. Combined with the mobility issue, it means you're largely left with a more expensive Battle Sister Squad with a (at range) mostly useless Act of Faith.

Still, if you need to pull off a convincing defensive charge, they're nice for tying up and grinding on (large) squads of enemy ranged forces. A Celestian Squad is not a bad unit, it just suffers from the fact that at the same price Seraphim Squads are superior in every way. If you need to spend points in the Elite section, this is where to do it.

Repentia Squad

*sigh* Repentia, Repentia... Useless through Editions in Witch Hunters, and no better with the WD Codex and 6th. You'd think a squad full of people with a Power Fist equivalent should manage to do SOMETHING, but their only strong point remains drawing a bit of enemy fire and then dying. Let me be clear, I have nothing against Repentia dying - that's what they're there for - but it would be nice if they'd occasionally succeed at killing something of at least equal cost. Despite a slew of added special rules, they're still remarkably unlikely to manage that against anyone who has a clue. Of course, it doesn't help at all that they'll die if they're charged by so much as a squad of Guardsmen.

The problem is their natural prey is vehicles and big nasties. We don't really have many other squads with that specialization (which is why we're generally lugging lots of Meltas around) so opponents who have a good target in their army will happily dedicate something to ensure the Repentia fulfill their oath early.

Ah well, it's something of a rite of passage for Sisters of Battle players to go through a phase where they believe Repentia can be made to work. :headbutt: If we ever succeed at welding an Assault Ramp to an Immolator, they WILL, too.

Ecclesiarchy Preacher

I... honestly have NO IDEA why this guy is even here, other than him being present before. Will let you mix an Eviscerator into a squad I guess, but the most positive thing I can really say is that at least he's not actually counterproductive in this Codex - he was in C:WH.


Battle Sister Squad

These are some of the best Troops in the game. Which is a good thing, since you'll be relying on them a lot more than other races, and it's not like there are any other choices in the section. Comes with an Act of Faith with variable uses that will let you hit a bit more and, more importantly, regroup without obeying any of the normal restrictions on that. Do anything you could want in a Troops choice, and do it well. I feel they should be 1 point less / model to fit with what others are paying, but I ain't complaining. :drinks:


Seraphim Squad

Seraphim are wonderful. The choice of Hand Flamers and Inferno Pistols means they can be armed to deal with enemy armour or infantry. The Act of Faith is always worth using when shooting at infantry, and works especially well with the Hand Flamers. However, it supports the normal Bolt Pistols just fine. I prefer to bring at least one squad with the Inferno pistols, which work on high-value exceedingly tough infantry just fine. The Jump packs will get them where you need them to be, and Angelic Visage provides a free Simulacrum and even improves the Shield of Faith as the icing on the cake.

Dominion Squad

Whether Dominions or Seraphim are better is mostly a matter of personal preference. I like the Seraphim a bit more, others swear the Dominion squads is where it's at. Most use a combination :) The Act of Faith provides Twin-Linked, which is great for both Flamers and Meltagun options, depending on what you're hunting... and Scouts means they really should be able to hunt SOMETHING. The usual setup is to throw girls with Flamers into an Immo with Multi-Melta, but there's really no BAD option.



Exorcist tanks are fantastic. Maybe not reliably so, but they have the range the rest of the army lacks and a hefty punch. True Troubleshooters in the Paranoia sense of the word :) The highest-AV enemy vehicles are perhaps best left to meltaguns, but an Exorcist practically ALWAYS can eliminate SOMETHING.

Retributor Squad

Another good option. The Act of Faith grants Rending. I tend to run with Heavy Bolters, which is the cheap option and the one that works best with the Act of Faith. When using 4 HBs, on average you'll get 8 hits out of them so getting at least one Rending result should be possible. It's also small enough a threat that the enemy tends to ignore them as they happily wreck and kill far more over the course of the game than they cost.

Rending Heavy Flamers might be even more interesting, but you'd be paying through the nose for them... and they lack the range to give you the wide area control the Heavy Bolters do. I'm not a fan of an all Multi-Melta setup myself. If there's a good spot for them they make for great area denial, but it's distinctly situational, avoidable, and the Act doesn't really add much to them. Mixing a single Multi-Melta in among the Heavy Bolters though, that can work out quite nicely.

Penitent Engine

A decent option in 6th (though it sucked badly in 5th). Expect any PEs you field to attract more than their fair share of bullets - the fact that a Penitent Engine gets extra attacks is fairly immaterial given that an opponent will try (and generally succeed) to eliminate it at range. Open Topped AV11 remain remarkably fragile to even half-assed anti-vehicle fire.

Don't get me wrong, bringing a Penitent Engine IS a decent option now, but it's competing with Exorcists and Retributors, which are better in most situations. If you want to play with them, field a squadron if you can afford it - the main downside of squadrons isn't one to them due to Unstoppable Rampage. You probably shouldn't expect them to actually CONNECT, but at the very least their presence guarantees your transports will survive longer.

Dedicated Transports


It's a Rhino. What can I say.


Poor Immo, got nerfed to pieces in the transition from C:WH. Can't be picked as a HS choice anymore, can't fire Flamers after moving 12", and its firepoint disappeared. It's pretty close to a Razorback now. Still worth taking for the fire support, but not a mainstay in the army anymore.

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The Exorcist and Immolator are both tanks, though only the Exorcist has the armour of one (13 AV front, Rhino otherwise). And yes, no Flyers. No Skyfire either, at that. The really unfair thing is that only the Immolator is plastic - everything else is 14-year-old metal models, which - while still looking pretty - could do with replacement by now. Especially since we can't even buy a squad-sized box. Sisters with Bolters can be had in 3s, everything else is a single model.

So buying a Sister army makes other GW ranges look CHEAP.

After a dozen years of nothing new and Codex: Witch Hunters definitely showing it's age, we got this, spread over two issues of White Dwarf. Obviously written for 6th so most of it didn't even work well in 5th (which still had nearly a year left in it at the time) as the designers were playing a different game, and with no new toys whatsoever...

It was supposed to tide us over to a real Codex.

That was two years ago.

We're getting a (slight?) variant on it as an eBook-only Codex this month... which will again most likely lack new toys, even the very necessary ones like ANY model with Skyfire. Static quad-guns really aren't a replacement. Still no new models, either. We left 'unfair' behind us a while ago.
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