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Sisters of Battle 1850

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100 Canoness
-Blessed Weapon, Cloak of St. Aspira, Book of St. Lucius
60 Priest
-power weapon, power armour, laspistol


210 6 Arco-flagellants

128 7 Cestians
- heavy flamer, stormbolter, Imagifer
63 Veteran Superior
-bolt pistol, close combat weapon, master-crafted eviscerator
63 Rhino transport
-extra armour, smoke launchers, dozer blades


111 9 Battle Sisters
-2 flamers
25 Veteran superior
63 Rhino transport
-extra armour, smoke launchers, dozer blades

111 9 Battle Sisters
-2 flamers
25 Veteran superior
63 Rhino transport
-extra armour, smoke launchers, dozer blades

Fast Attack

168 7 Seraphim
-2 hand flamer pairs
42 Veteran Superior
-power weapon

134 4 Seraphim
-2 infernal pistol pairs, meltabombs
46 Veteran Superior
-power weapon, meltabombs (4 pts per model for the squad)

Heavy Support

126 6 Retributors
-4 Heavy Bolters
25 Veteran Superior

140 Exorcist Tank
-extra armour

140 Exorcist Tank
-extra armour

Total: 1843 Starting Faith Points: 8

The Canoness and Priest go in the rhino with the Celestians and form an expensive, but effective and surprising assault unit. I need somewhere to put my priest in order to field Arcos and I'm not a fan of the jumpy Canoness. This unit can countercharge a troops choice unit that has unloaded and used divine guidance with bolters and flamers very well. Can also take on some monstrous creatures with faith for 2 extra strenght

I often use my troops choices to shield my Celestian rhino and my Arcos to keep them in fire...I also use cover a lot because Im not in a real hurry to get down field...just want to do it safely.

Arcos can also be used to counter charge a unit that has charge a troops choice that used divine guidance for shooting. Not that I do that every time...

My troops choices are simple...shields and the almighty divine guidance.

the seraphim with flamers are used to assault whichever troops I like...I also like seeing the looks on peoples faces when theyre done deploying and I put out 2 units of seraphim...messes with their plans

the infernal pistol flamers can hunt tanks or take on small squads...charging a unit of devastators or something i kill atleast 2 on shooting the power weapon is a nice touch.

Retributors shoot, provide cover,and create areas the enemy doesnt want to go to. Can also just weaken a tough squad I dont like.

Exorcists are my main tank and big ugly thing killers. I believe you need 2 to make up for unpredictibility here. not too mention i need some big guns here

I think the list follows your basic fluff as sisters are possibly the most religious and ceremonial group out there i dont think a priest and arcos are outside of fluffiness.

Any criticisms are welcome (unless you just write something like "you suck joe", then i might cry)
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I'm bawling my eyes out...lol. The problem with taking a Penitent Engine takes away a heavy choice making me give up an exorcist or my only real anti-infantry ranged weapons. I was torn here for awhile but I like 2 exorcists way to much...

i was thinking about spending the remaining 7 points on smoke for my exorcists and a bolt pistol for my canoness cuz i can't really think of anything else that would be useful.
actually a Blessed weapon is 2h so she wouldn't get an extra attack, sadly. Yes anti armour is the biggest downfall to the sisters of battle and yes eldar skimmers do scare me but I dont wanna go and take 3 exorcists and hear cheese all the time. I would also lose my heavy bolters which I think serve a purpose. I guess it wouldnt be hard to pay 10 bucks to add a whirlwind turret to my fourth rhino (which is not being used in this list) and call it another exorcist tho...can't I just refuse to play anybody with a lot of tanks? lol
Rets can come with multimeltas but the short range (esp to get the melta effect) and not being able to move and shoot renders them pretty ineffective as they can very easily be avoided.

How does deep striking some grey knights with a couple psycannons sound for shooting up some rear armor?

i dont know what would take out tho...maybe arcos (my beloved marine shredders) or some seraphim...dont know how I oculd rly whittle down the celestian/HQ squad to make room for 200pts
Yeah, I've thought about the Eviscerators but I am concerned about the points because I'm at my limit. changing the power weapon for an Eviscerator loses one attack and initiative 4 of course goes to 1...trying to decide if it is needed was hard for me so I just decided to save points. For the squad with meltabombs and infernal pistols I think that they can do without...so basically Im undecided about the Eviscerators but can't find a place I would like ot take the points away, lol. well I'm off to use the list at my buddies right now. We are both tweaking lists and painting my army (my first, his 8th or something) to get tournament ready.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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