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Sisters of Battle 1850

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100 Canoness
-Blessed Weapon, Cloak of St. Aspira, Book of St. Lucius
60 Priest
-power weapon, power armour, laspistol


210 6 Arco-flagellants

128 7 Cestians
- heavy flamer, stormbolter, Imagifer
63 Veteran Superior
-bolt pistol, close combat weapon, master-crafted eviscerator
63 Rhino transport
-extra armour, smoke launchers, dozer blades


111 9 Battle Sisters
-2 flamers
25 Veteran superior
63 Rhino transport
-extra armour, smoke launchers, dozer blades

111 9 Battle Sisters
-2 flamers
25 Veteran superior
63 Rhino transport
-extra armour, smoke launchers, dozer blades

Fast Attack

168 7 Seraphim
-2 hand flamer pairs
42 Veteran Superior
-power weapon

134 4 Seraphim
-2 infernal pistol pairs, meltabombs
46 Veteran Superior
-power weapon, meltabombs (4 pts per model for the squad)

Heavy Support

126 6 Retributors
-4 Heavy Bolters
25 Veteran Superior

140 Exorcist Tank
-extra armour

140 Exorcist Tank
-extra armour

Total: 1843 Starting Faith Points: 8

The Canoness and Priest go in the rhino with the Celestians and form an expensive, but effective and surprising assault unit. I need somewhere to put my priest in order to field Arcos and I'm not a fan of the jumpy Canoness. This unit can countercharge a troops choice unit that has unloaded and used divine guidance with bolters and flamers very well. Can also take on some monstrous creatures with faith for 2 extra strenght

I often use my troops choices to shield my Celestian rhino and my Arcos to keep them in fire...I also use cover a lot because Im not in a real hurry to get down field...just want to do it safely.

Arcos can also be used to counter charge a unit that has charge a troops choice that used divine guidance for shooting. Not that I do that every time...

My troops choices are simple...shields and the almighty divine guidance.

the seraphim with flamers are used to assault whichever troops I like...I also like seeing the looks on peoples faces when theyre done deploying and I put out 2 units of seraphim...messes with their plans

the infernal pistol flamers can hunt tanks or take on small squads...charging a unit of devastators or something i kill atleast 2 on shooting the power weapon is a nice touch.

Retributors shoot, provide cover,and create areas the enemy doesnt want to go to. Can also just weaken a tough squad I dont like.

Exorcists are my main tank and big ugly thing killers. I believe you need 2 to make up for unpredictibility here. not too mention i need some big guns here

I think the list follows your basic fluff as sisters are possibly the most religious and ceremonial group out there i dont think a priest and arcos are outside of fluffiness.

Any criticisms are welcome (unless you just write something like "you suck joe", then i might cry)
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YOU SUCK JOE lol im only kidding lol :lol: so a few points first have you thought about getting a pentiant engin although pricy iit is a good distractor of firepower leaving your army to move safely, second do i hear a boy crying "Inqisitor... Inquisitor " but your close combat skills used in the right way could do you a world of good agaist tough low armour troops
*cough cough* Orks *cough*
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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