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When the Act of Faith is performed the model's armour save becomes invulnerable for a turn.
She has a 2+ save thanks to her fancy armour.
Her 2+ armour save becomes a 2+ Inv save.

The other WH forum goers are correct also.
Invulnerable for a Phase - by god I wish it lasted a whole turn!

Is there an faq on this? I actually tentatively debate that the "Normal" save is a 3+.

The 2+ is not your standard issue save and I can't remember the last time we could temporarily increase/decrease armor saves. That's like 2nd edition.
It's not a temporary increase, it's permenant (Well, the whole game). the cloak of St. Aspira is simply a piece of wargear that makes a model's armour save one better. A Model with Power Armour and a cloak of St. Aspira has a normal armour save of 2+
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