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Is there an faq on this? I actually tentatively debate that the "Normal" save is a 3+.

The 2+ is not your standard issue save and I can't remember the last time we could temporarily increase/decrease armor saves. That's like 2nd edition.
So your telling me that if I hit a Canoness with an Inquisitor with Digital weapons she would get a 3+ save and not a 2+ save cause digital weapons says Normal Armour saves are allowed but nothing about modified saves. Weren't their weapons that would modify your armor save to a 4+ back in the day? This is what this rule is probably referencing. Also just use the quick reference sheet.

Edit: Or tell him that you will use hand of the Emperor to increase the strength of your grenades so your melta bomb is now s10 and rolls 2d6 for amour pen.
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