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Sisters 1500 - The Order of the Servant Flame returns!

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After a long hiatus from the Sisters Militant, I've been re-visiting the Witch Hunters in anticipation of the new codex. I've fixed the list so now squad sizes are legal. I haven't played this build yet, but I'm eager to do so and will let you all know how it goes.

HQ - 322
Canoness - Blessed Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Cloak of St. Aspira, Rosarius
Celestian Retinue (10) - MG, HF, Vet w/ Eviscerator

Elite - 160
Inquisitor - Bolter-Stake Crossbow, Psychic Hood
Vindicare Assassin

Troops - 488
Battle Sisters (10) - MG, HF, Vet w/ BP and CCW, Rhino w/ SL
Battle Sisters (10) - MG, HF, Vet w/ BP and CCW, Rhino w/ SL
Storm Stoopers (7) - GL [2]

Fast Attack - 260
Seraphim Squad (10) - Inferno Pistols [2], Vet w/ Eviscerator

Heavy Support - 270

Faith Points: 6

How it plays: Seraphim stream forward while Canoness and retinue run up behind them. The goal it to tie an enemy unit up with the Seraphs for a round, Hit and Run out at end of the enemy's turn, then assault with Canoness. Exorcists take care of enemy artillery while sisters ride around and pop tanks. Inquisitor and STs are objective holders. Vindicare is in because I absolutely love this model and he has proved his worth to me time and time over.
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First off, I agree with Azezel about his points. You definitely want the Mantle Of Ophelia. Drop a few seraphim and get an eviserator. I would consider taking flamers on them instead of inferno pistols. If they are sitting back, you aren't really popping vehicles anyways, but those divine guidance flamers can but a huge hit on infantry.

Also, if you have an Inquisitor joining the sisters squad they are no longer faithful and thus can't use faith points. Just remember that. Also, not sure he is worth the psychic hood. Most casters have a leadership of 9 or 10. So you aren't likely to stop the powers with the hood. You are probably have about the same chance using the Sister's natural 5+ invulnerable to psychic powers.

How do you plan to deal with armies that can outrange you, like guard and eldar. Sister's make a great static army when their opponents have to come towards them. When they have to move up and attack, they can have more problems, I would consider that fact when you build an army list.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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