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Sisters 1500 - The Order of the Servant Flame returns!

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After a long hiatus from the Sisters Militant, I've been re-visiting the Witch Hunters in anticipation of the new codex. I've fixed the list so now squad sizes are legal. I haven't played this build yet, but I'm eager to do so and will let you all know how it goes.

HQ - 322
Canoness - Blessed Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Cloak of St. Aspira, Rosarius
Celestian Retinue (10) - MG, HF, Vet w/ Eviscerator

Elite - 160
Inquisitor - Bolter-Stake Crossbow, Psychic Hood
Vindicare Assassin

Troops - 488
Battle Sisters (10) - MG, HF, Vet w/ BP and CCW, Rhino w/ SL
Battle Sisters (10) - MG, HF, Vet w/ BP and CCW, Rhino w/ SL
Storm Stoopers (7) - GL [2]

Fast Attack - 260
Seraphim Squad (10) - Inferno Pistols [2], Vet w/ Eviscerator

Heavy Support - 270

Faith Points: 6

How it plays: Seraphim stream forward while Canoness and retinue run up behind them. The goal it to tie an enemy unit up with the Seraphs for a round, Hit and Run out at end of the enemy's turn, then assault with Canoness. Exorcists take care of enemy artillery while sisters ride around and pop tanks. Inquisitor and STs are objective holders. Vindicare is in because I absolutely love this model and he has proved his worth to me time and time over.
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As I said... it was a long hiatus. Been so used to playing BA mech with five marines per Rhino. I had a lot of fun playing this army, although it wasn't legit, and will work out another list for you guys... right after I get some sleep. :victory:
Made corrections to the list in my original post, thanks for catching my mistake so quickly. Let me know what you think.
To be more thorough than I was before, let me break it down like this...

I stand by what I said before: A Rosarius not worth it - your Canonness should be counting on a 2+ invulnerable save. She still needs a Mantle of Ophelia.
From what I've seen, Rosarius saves more often than Mantle.

Your Celestians are quipped with short-range weapons (Heavy Flamer, Meltagun, eviscerator) and have no transport. they will never get close enough to the enemy to do anything. Same goes for your Canonness, in fact.
Celestians are meant to sweep into combat a step behind my Serpahs. I play against a lot of people who run CC armies, so we usually meet for CC in the middle of the table. With AoF, these Celestians have mauled Tyranid Warriors! Though I would like to capitalize on the number of Evicerators I have in the unit... love em.

The Inquisitor cannot hold objectivs. I wouldn't bother with an Inquisitor at all, but if you like the Vindicare then carry on. Chap's got to follow his heart.
When joined with a unit of Storm Troopers, he can.

You've outfitted your Battle sister squads for close combat. God no. Battle sisters just don't do it. Combi-Flamers or Combi-Meltas are best. Eviscerators or combi-plasmas if you're feeling funky. Even the basic bolter is a better choice than BP+CCW.
Kitted my Superiors with BP and CCW because those are the models I have. I've never really had a problem with these getting into CC, but just in case that extra attack from Vet is useful.

The Book of St. Lucius might be the best piece of wargear in the whole game. Pretty much every Veteran sister Superior should have one.
How is the book useful if most of my units will have a 9-10 Ld anyway? I am notorious for rolling low most of the time, so Ld has never been an issue with me.

We get Extra Armour for a mere 5 points, who wouldn't want that?
True, no arguments here... just don't know where I could scrounge up the points.

The only job Stormtroopers ave is to camp out on your home objective and hope nobody shoots them. As such, giving them a grenade launcher is rather a waste.
Really that's the best STs have for ranged mob support.

Seraphim are over-costed and underpowered. Only take them if you want coolness over usefulness. That said, eight is the best squad size - it maximises your chances of performing any given Act of Faith.
Once again, whenever I've used Seraphim they've always proved useful. Bustin tanks, scrappin with boyz, or in one game where they took down a Necron Destroyer Lord in one turn, losing only one model.
New Revision

Here's what I've worked out using some suggestions given. Thanks for all the input in helping me hone my Sister's strategy. While I didn't take all the suggestions, so far this list has run 3-0-0. Two against Necrons and once versus Orks. **Note no points costs again, at a friend's place typing from memory**

Canoness - Blessed CCW, PP, Jump Pack, Cloak, Book

Inquisitor - Bolter-Stake, Psychic Hood

Battle Sisters (10) - HF, MG, Vet w/ Book, Rhino - Armor, Smoke
Battle Sisters (10) - HF, MG, Vet w/ Book, Rhino - Armor, Smoke
Battle Sisters (10) - HF, MG, Vet w/ Book

Fast Attack
Seraphim (10) - Inferno [2], Vet

Heavy Support
Immolator - TL-MM

Faith Points: 6

The strategy has been focused fire. Iquisitor sits back with last group of Sister to hold objectives, if I need I break him away to use AoF. Exorcists bombard Heavy Support. Immolator pops transports so sisters in Rhinos can drive around, disembark, and crossfire enemy infantry. Canoness and Seraphim will hang back behind cover until enemy gets close, I always make sure they can get the assault. Vindicare sets up to deal with specific target, usually an IC or Vehicle, use whatever special shot I need to deal with the target as soon as possible to capitalize on his talents.
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I would really like to find the points for an Inquisitor Lord + Retinue, but they can become quite the points sink. As I've said, I don't play in tournaments. The armies I have to contend with around here are Orks, Necron, Chaos Marines, Tyranids, Tau, and Space Wolves. So mostly this list is designed to deal with the meta game in this area. I will try to drop some Seraphs and Infernos for Mantle and Combi, see how it plays out, and if I like it post a new new revision.

Also, it wasn't luck that won out over the Orks. My opponent made a couple of really bad play errors. He's not a bad player cause he realized pretty much as soon as it happened, but it did give me the slight edge to beat him. Which is funny because I've battled him more than any of my other friends and have only won three times... out of probably thirty games >,<
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