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Many of us Sisters of Battle players know that we don't get much attention from GW. That being said when we do it is usually in a white dwarf article or in Forge World. Thus I have decided to create a thread that states which articles are in which book and white dwarf. This will allow sister of battle players to find formations and other goodies much easier. If you know any other valid sister of battle articles, feel free to list them.

Sisters of Battle Codex: White Dwarf 379 and 380
Sisters of Battle Formations (Repentant Host and Purge Squadron): 384
Sister of Battle Formations (Chorus of Faith, Convocation of Wrath): Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2
Flyers usuable by Sisters of Battle (Aquila Lander, Arvus Lighter, Avenger Strike Fighter): Imperial Armour Aeronautica
Sister of Battle Repressor: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Downloads/Product/PDF/r/RepressorFAQversion1P.pdf (will later be found in Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition)

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It's certainly a shame there is not much more in the way of SoB resources by GW. I'll keep an eye out to see if can add anything to this thread.

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I would guess we will see a supplement book once the IG book is updated, would be an ideal way to continue to support the sisters but not spend too much resource on an army which needs one hell of a lot of work to update.

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This is from Dakkadakka.
Someone put it together and sent it to Behaviour Studios, who are making the new 40K MMO.
It is to educate them in a faction they seem to only know of through a paragraph in the Grey Knight Codex. As they aptly demonstrated in an interview with their half-arsed comment -
As an example we won’t have the Sisters of Battle at launch. We love them, but the reason why they won’t be playable at launch is because it’s almost impossible to make the kind of power they have fit the lore and make it fun at the same time. They always end up being killed by their own team because their pure blood is useful to defeat demons. It’s very difficult to implement that kind of sacrifice in the gameplay and still make it fun to play as a character.
Web Links (archived homepages once maintained by Games Workshop, no longer available under their original address)
--- material on the Sororitas' participation on Armageddon from GW's campaign website, including letters from and about one of their leaders
--- information on Battle Sisters and Repentia from GW's Inquisitor RPG, including a very cool short story of one Sister Anastasia
--- some background on fugitive Battle Sister Ephrael Stern, also sheds some more light on where the Sororitas come from

Codex Material (primary sources)
2nd edition Codex Imperialis (contains one of the very few mentions of the Sisters of Battle maintaining their own starships)
2nd edition Codex: Sisters of Battle (also contains extensive background on their organisation, including numbers for the six Major Orders)
3rd edition Codex: Witch Hunters (adds alliance to the Inquisition and confirms that their wargear is equal to that of the Space Marines)
5th edition Codex: Sisters of Battle (as part of White Dwarf #380/381)

Rulebook References (usually just small mentions, but may be nice to know)
1st edition Rulebook, page 268: first mention of the Adepta Sororitas ever, talks a bit about purity control sweeps
3rd edition Rulebook, page 112: very cool/creepy short story about the Sisters' fanatism in regards to flagellantism and self-mortification
5th edition Rulebook, page 120: small mention of the Sisters of Battle and their role for the Imperium
6th edition Rulebook, page 195: very basic but good overview of the Sisters of Battle as an army/faction

Magazine Issues (note: all issue numbers are UK)
White Dwarf #211 - rules to field individual Sister squads as an add-on to Marine and Guard armies, as well as a Codex preview
White Dward #212 - special feature accompanying the release of the 2E Codex, some additional info on the Church Militant
White Dwarf #281 - info bits on the Sororitas Orders active in the 13th Black Crusade on page 47
White Dwarf #292 - Designer's Notes on Codex: Witch Hunters, contains some very interesting developer insight into the faction
White Dwarf #293 - multi-page article "Liber Sororitas", very deep and rare insights into the Adepta Sororitas, very recommended!
White Dwarf #380 - Sisters of Battle 5th edition Codex, part 1
White Dwarf #381 - Sisters of Battle 5th edition Codex, part 2
White Dwarf #382 - Ecclesiarchy missions, accompanied by some nice background on the faction's goals and motivations
White Dwarf #383 - Battle Sister painting guide; page 101 introduced new background on unique characteristics of the different Orders
White Dwarf #384 - two SoB Apocalypse formations: the Repentant Host and Purge Squadrons, on pages 62 and 63
Citadel Journal #49 - article and rules from Andy Hoare about a special Sororitas task force assigned to purge rogue Space Marines Chapters
This isn't a complete listing, FW, BL and FFG are all missing as well as a few 'off-hand' mentions in other places but is very close to being a complete list.
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