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Heres my list for the upcoming tourney

Krak and frag grenades,inferno pistol,blessed weapon,jump pack,litanies of faith and rosarius, book of st lucius

Celestian squad-202 pts
4 sisters and 1 superior,1 flamer and 1 multi-melta,superior has melta bombs ,praesidium protectiva, and combi flamer,
mounted in immolator with extra armor, holy promethium, and searchlight (just in case)

sisters repentia-250pts
9 sisters and 1 mistress,1 priest with ccw

Arco flagellants-210pts
6 guys

Battle sisters squad-177 pts
9 sisters and 1 superior, heavy flamer, flamer, imagifier, superior has plasma pistol and ccw

Battle sisters squad-169 pts
9 sisters and 1 superior, 2 storm bolters, imagifier, superior has plasma pistol and ccw

seraphim squad-223pts
7 sisters and 1 superior, 1 flamer and 1 inferno pisstol, superior has bolt pistol and power weapon

2 exorcist tanks-140 pts each
extra armor

Retributor squad-170pts
5 sisters and 1 superior, 4 heavy bolters, imagifier, superior has ccw and storm bolter


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Nice solid looking list. Only problem I have with it is:

1) sisters repentia - Total and complete waste of points. Footslogging, low save and toughness models that specialize in h2h but go last when they get there. Your opponent will have to be an utter moron to let this squad get close. I would ditch this unit and go with a 3rd Battle Sister squad at the least with the leftover points spent on more sisters or units elsewhere as you will NEVER get your points back from it.
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