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Hi there,

To keep things in order I have started a third Plog, this time on Orkz. I have recently got back to the hobby afer changing a country, getting married and having a child (he is almost 2 years old - dmn). I have managed to find some friends to play with, and managed to get my brother to join us (finally!). The thing is that now I have to assemble and paint an army for him. He is feeling Orkz, so Orkz it is. I have gotten to the hobby with assault on the black reach set (or 2) so I had a bunch of those lying around. I have managed even to pick up some additional stufff over time and now I have a pretty decent force - not competitive but still fun to play.
First models that I have painted were 20 boyz - i will have to go back to them and do some touch ups, once I find some time (they are not up to my current standard). To start things off I have painted a Trukk:

Motor vehicle Toy Vehicle Tire Automotive wheel system

Motor vehicle Vehicle Toy Wheel Automotive tire

rear view:

Motor vehicle Vehicle Machine Scale model Technology

Metal Electronics

And some details:

Scale model Machine Vehicle Metal

Auto part Engine Vehicle Machine Technology

Motor vehicle Vehicle Auto part Scale model Tractor


Yellow Font Vehicle Team Insect

Once I was done with that I have painted up 10 boyz, trukkers:

Squad Fictional character Team Toy Collection

Toy Figurine Miniature Fictional character Action figure

Toy Fictional character Demon Miniature Warlord

Toy Figurine Fictional character Miniature Action figure

Green Toy Action figure Fictional character Orc

Toy Action figure Fictional character Figurine Orc

Toy Fictional character Miniature Orc Mythical creature

I am pretty happy with how they come up, I did not paint them as carefully as I do my eldars or BA but with larger amount of models it would take me ages. I think they look good on the table.

Let me know what you think


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Hi Squire and thank you for the comment!

For the Trukk I have first undercoated it black and then drybryshed whole model with silver - i use Valejo metal paints ( for all my 'metal' work - silver, brass and gold). After this step was done I proceeded with the model as if it was primed only - detailing, painting new colors and highlighting with mithril silver.

For the rust effect I use Typhus corrosion to get the texture and after that there goes the mix of brown, dark red, orange, some black wash if I need to tone it down or blend with other pieces.

I am so happy that you like it! Hope that this explanation helps you, if you have some more questions I am more than happy to help - so fire away :)

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Lovely stuff - I'm surpried you only have a rep of 3 - you may most certainly have a cookie.:good:
Thank you! There was a reset of rep looong time ago and it has been the exact moment when I had my masters, were moving from one country to another, got married, looked for a job and had a child thus been inactive for a good while ;)

But now I am back and painting :)
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