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Siskin starts with Blood Angels

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I have come to the point where I have decided to finish the models I have before purchasing anything new. I have always loved the ASM, dreads and terminators and this is the main reason for choosing blood angels army.

Here I present to you my test model. This is a model I have had for a while, apparently before I knew how to prepare them for painting - there are some pesky mould lines there but I did not wanted to repaint the model jsut because of the mould lines. The rest of my BA are already well prepared all the lines are gone promise.

View attachment 959936792

View attachment 959936793

View attachment 959936794

This is my first attempt on weathering the small models. (on my other Plog I paint Eldar so not much weathering there) tell me what you think, all C&C are welcome
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That yellow Isn't looking good... The wash and the dirt make it look off, not sure how to do decent yellow myself (Never can) But I'd ask Jaysen or someone to give you a good technique, I've seen Jaysen's yellow, and It's very good. Don't take this in a bad way, the red is superb, they yellow is ruining the model for me though.
Hi Lethiathan, thnx for the comment. I agree on the yellow, so I had gone back decapitated my assault marine and made him a new head. No battle damage on the head for now and to be honest I am liking it a bit more. Tell me what you think?

View attachment 959936813

View attachment 959936814

As you can see I have decided to magnetize the Jump packs.

The new head is definitely looking better. You just need to dirty it up just a bit to match the rest of the model. Don't go as far as you did before and you should be good.
Yup, Better!
Looks good, I particularly like contrast between the eyes and the helmet and you've done the battle damage very well too. Now to crank up Ride of the Valkyries and paint the rest ;)
I will be weathering carefully the helmet, but I guess I got my yellows right this time :p Yup Raid of Valkyries always makes me think about the charging helicopters in Vietnam :D
After I am done with the scorpions from the other blog I would want to finish the 5 man ASM squad. I have received the airbrush now I need to plug it to the compressor and I should be ready to go. See you in a week time (holidays here I come):biggrin:
Looks good i agree the new yellow looks alot better.

sooo I have finished my BA assault JP squad:

Toy Squad Miniature Fictional character Team

Toy Fictional character Miniature Squad Figurine

Here is the srg, in order for him to stand out form the squad I have chosen to paint his JP yellow:
Toy Figurine Miniature Fictional character Action figure

All of JP for the squad are magnetized, here is a rear view:
Toy Miniature Metal

And some individual photos of squad members:

Toy Action figure Miniature Fictional character Figurine

Toy Figurine Miniature Space Fictional character

Toy Lego Miniature Space Fictional character

Toy Joint Action figure Miniature Fictional character

comments, critique and impressions are more then welcome.

I have a tac squad ready to go (stripped form the old paint and udercoated) this is a BA project coming up next.

Siskin out
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Hi Heretics,

I have done some progress on my BA - mainly due to the facet that I finally started playing the game. It motivates me to have my army painted cause they look so much better on the table.
I have done a furioso, 2 drop pods, a rhino/razorback, 2 tac squads, 5 man death company, 5 man sanguinary guard, a chappy, custom made sanguinary priest and custom made cpt. wit relic blade/valours edge. HQ choices have exchangable back packs.

I have aquired a airbrush and the first attempt is the chappy (a bit to grey but i should be able to fix him up) - also i just saw that one shoulder pad is not done - derp.

C&C most welcome tell me what you think.

I ahve previewed the post and all the pictures are sideways - idk how to fix that, I am probably beeing really stupid her but I just put my 2 year old to bed and I have no strengh to fight this right now - if anyone can give me a nice fix for that I will repost them correctly. Same goes for the next post as not all the photos fit here.

Siskin out
Fashion accessory Brooch Jewellery Hair accessory

Toy Fictional character Vehicle Space

Fictional character Miniature Orc

Fashion accessory Jewellery Metal

Fashion accessory Jewellery Copper Fictional character Metal

View attachment 959971642

Hand Finger Action figure Figurine Toy

Toy Fictional character Action figure Miniature Space

Toy Action figure Joint Miniature Fictional character

View attachment 959971690

Miniature Fictional character Toy

Toy Fictional character Action figure Miniature Space
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and the second batch (still some done models are lacking but I will fix that at a later date)

Games Figurine Miniature Fictional character Orc

Games Fictional character Toy Transformers Action figure

Toy Squad Collection Fictional character Games

Games Fictional character Technology

Fictional character Miniature Carmine Warlord Toy

View attachment 959971786

Toy Figurine Miniature Fictional character Squad

Toy Mecha Fictional character Figurine Squad

Owl Figurine Miniature Bird of prey Bird

Electronics Technology Electronic device Vehicle
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Lovely work really lovely, I love how you have done the white on all the wing iconography, it is really sharp, and very good weathering, have a cookie
Thank you guys!
I have some ASM almost ready I need to add some weathering cause they look too clean compared to the first 5 man squad - will be posting something probably on sunday. Keep the comments coming!

Cheers - Siskin
I have started working on my terminator squad from Assault on the black Reach. To be honest I am not a fan of those models but i thought it was a good idea for testing how to paint red.

I have also tried to be a little more creative withe the basing - going for "Hi I just teleported", but as the inspiration taking the sequence from Terminator the movie (where they teleport in the bubble), yea and he is not naked! tell me what do you think

Toy Figurine Fictional character Action figure Joint

Toy Figurine Miniature Action figure Fictional character

Red Figurine Fictional character Miniature Art

Miniature Figurine Fictional character Carmine Space

Toy Figurine Action figure Fictional character Miniature

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Looks like a solid start on the Terminators. Keep it up!
Hi there,

another quick update, but first Thanks Morious I will put up the update to the squad as soon as they are done.

Second here are some pics of a tune up for my BA forces

Toy Iron man Fictional character Action figure Joint

View attachment 959973290

Robot Action figure Fictional character Toy Technology

Knight Warlord Action figure Demon Miniature

Toy Fictional character Robot Action figure Miniature

Fictional character Space Toy Games

Vehicle Scale model Toy Combat vehicle Tank

Toy Fictional character Vehicle
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love the winged rhinos :)
Hi All,

Thank you for the comment, I have added the wings cause the seemed a little too "plain" for me.
For some time I have been struggling with painting metallic with GW paints - see my Sanguinary guard, I mean I am quite happy with how they come out but the amount of effort compared to effect meh.

I have bought Vallejo Liquid gold and so far I am loving this paint - it works differently then acrylic paints (it is not translucent at any point) but cause of that it works perfectly on small details. When you do not want to have multiple layers either because you will clog up all the details or the detail is so fragile and small that it does not look good ie. Astorath armor.

Tell me what you think:

View attachment 959973666

Fictional character Hand Finger Illustration

Wing Action figure Figurine Feather Fictional character

Fashion accessory Headgear Badge Headpiece Jewellery

Fashion accessory Figurine Fictional character

Action figure Fictional character Claw Wing Fashion accessory

Wing Headgear Fashion accessory Headpiece Fictional character

Finger Metal

Scaled reptile Reptile Snake Boa Claw
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Will be stealing the look of your Pods when I paint mine. Great work here dude.
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