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I've just worked this out, again, but if you want to be able to link a single post- I.e only a single post in a thread pops up rather than the entire thread OR if you want to zoom to that post but still be able to go through the rest of the thread then I'll show you how.

Here is an example of what I mean Single Post
First here is a normal thread link

For a specific post click the quote button on that post and you'll probably get something similar to the following:
(I've coloured the only part you want)

Copy those numbers and then follow Step A if you just want a quick link to that post OR Step B if you want to single out that particular post from the main thread.

Step A


The coloured part is all you need to add.

Step B

change it to

For different posts in a thread it's just a case of replacing the post numbers, but first lets see if my example works:

If that wasn't clear then please comment and I'll try and help you out.
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