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I just got a Space Marine megaforce from thewarstore @ $140.00 USD.

I know, i know. 20% off retail is great.

But...On ebay this guy had an auction and it was set for $75.00 USD! Yes, the new 2006 SM Megaforce! Holy Shit!

I waited for the auction time to go by...and then when i checked to make my bid to my despair the last big had gone up to $137.00 USD.


Not worth shippping + $137.00 USD, so i got it for $143.95 USD @ TheWarStore.

Damn that ruined my ...my month. Stupid high bidders. :evil:
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I've have quite a few nice low bids until the last few seconds of an auction. I had super low bid on a guitar a few months ago and within the last 5 seconds it quadrupled from my bid. Sad.

They always get you in the end! And Uber, I think your happiest-sounding post was one directed at yourself. You are the poster child for Sour Candy, preferably the gummy worm variety, as they are tolerable and worth dealing with over and over again. =P

If you can reply in a positive way once, I will send you 5 E-bucks. Knowing they don't exist shouldn't stop the attempt! ;-)

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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