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I just got a Space Marine megaforce from thewarstore @ $140.00 USD.

I know, i know. 20% off retail is great.

But...On ebay this guy had an auction and it was set for $75.00 USD! Yes, the new 2006 SM Megaforce! Holy Shit!

I waited for the auction time to go by...and then when i checked to make my bid to my despair the last big had gone up to $137.00 USD.


Not worth shippping + $137.00 USD, so i got it for $143.95 USD @ TheWarStore.

Damn that ruined my ...my month. Stupid high bidders. :evil:
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uberschveinen said:
Wait, let me get this straight. You're annoyed because somebody sold an item you wanted at a drastically low price to somebody else at a reasonable price?
I'm pissed that it started off at $75.00 bucks but then skyrocketed to $140.00.

I realize that, obviously, the reasonable bid would win as its more for the seller, but the fact that was originally that low (and i would have bid on it [for $76.00] but suddenly 9 other people had bid at hugely increasing price intervals)
...I realise the price goes up due to bids.

No, thats not what i would prefer.

You are missing the point entirely.

I wish i was the only person to bid, therefore i would bid at a low $76.00 and win. Get it yet?
To answer you question, BadKarma, I'm creating my own chapter.

PM me for the details if you wish, I don't wanna spread my ideas.*


Too bad I'm not into DHs. :\
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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