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There is a shameful lack of Slaaneshi special characters in the Daemons book--2 Nurgle, 3 Khornate, 3 Tzeentchi, but only the Masque for Slaanesh? And a Greater Daemon for each of the other gods, but not Slaanesh?

I decided to correct this with a homebrew Keeper of Secrets special character. I don't expect to use this in-game ever--just a thought experiment. I tried to stick to the "alluring, entrancing" aspects of Slaanesh and to price the bonuses I gave well. I also wanted to make a character that can reliably DS in people where you wanted them, so made use of the underused "Warp Beacon" warlord trait, and wrote the fluff as if the character was constantly casting a miniature sort of "Cursed Earth"--no scatter, and a small defensive boost. I tried to make sure the points cost was slightly on the high side of competitive for typical play--but that if you built a list around the character, it could still be powerful.

One of the special rules I introduced, "Incandescent Glory," gave me a hard time of not making it too powerful ("everyone shooting at you has to take a Blinding check") or too weak. I opted for a nifty little compromise, but it may be a bit convoluted/technical, so I would like to hear other peoples' thoughts on the matter... edit: have simplified it.


The Unhallower, the Harbinger of a Thousand Cuts, the Dancer of Forbidden Paths, Who Laughs Eternally, Whose Visage Cannot Be Borne

285 Points

WS 10
BS 6
S 6
T 6
W 6
I 10
A 7
Ld 9
Sv *
Unit Type: MC (ch)

Warlord Trait: Warp Beacon

Special Rules:
  • Daemon of Slaanesh
  • Daemonic Instability
  • Deep Strike
  • Preferred Enemy: Eldar, Dark Eldar and Adepta Sororitas
  • Exalted Locus of Beguilement
  • Feel No Pain (5+)
  • Lord of Secrets
  • Psyker (Mastery Level 2)
  • Incandescent Glory
  • The Unhallower

Lord of Secrets: in a detachment that contains Shvetherax, Daemon Princes of Slaanesh are taken as a Heavy Support choice rather than as an HQ choice.

Psyker: Shvetherax may select powers from the Excess, Malefic Daemonology, and Telepathy disciples.

Incandescent Glory: Any friendly unit that comes into play from Deep Strike Reserve within 6” of Shvetherax gains an incandescence counter, which lasts until the beginning of your next turn. Any unit with an incandescence counter gains FNP 6+ or, if they already have FNP, add +1 to it (to a minimum of 2+) for as long as the incandescence counter remains.

The Unhallower: Shvetherax has Preferred Enemy (Adepta Sororitas). In addition, units from Codex: Adepta Sororitas gain Hatred (Shvetherax). Every Adeptas Sororitas character that Shvetherax kills in a challenge is worth 1 additional victory point, but if an enemy player fielding a detachment of Adepta Sororitas kills Shvetherax, they gain D3 additional victory points.


Shvetherax the Unhallower is a being of radiance, a sexless androgyne of such surpassing brilliance and beauty that none can bear to gaze upon it for any extended length of time. Those who approach it must grovel, their eyes upon the soil—soil which blackens and shrivels, tainted by the mere presence of such unholy beauty. Reality warps around Shvetherax like light through a prism, allowing dancing intimations and flickering imagoes to manifest fleetingly, accompanied by whispered, barely-incomprehensible whispers carried on the breeze. The air around it is scented so as to stir familiar, comforting childhood memories of any in its presence—a scent subtly underlain with the smell of rotting meat and corruption.

Where Shvetherax steps, the earth will not grow. It is the harbinger of further woe and despair wherever it goes, for in war, among the raging bloodlust and desperate terror of combat, the flickering potentialities around Shvetherax blossom, folding reality into unreality and birthing ravening hordes of lesser daemons that caper and shriek, imbued with some small portion of Shvetherax's grace and beauty in their arrival. It is the herald of the coming storm, the locus from which the daemonic hordes in its wake spring.

Shvetherax takes special delight in capturing the souls of the faithful, and in one of its most outragous exploits, led the daemonic conquest of the Shrine World of Celomannas V, despoiling countless priceless reliquaries, and martyring Cardinal va Scherim, Canoness Palia of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, and the Living Saint Haedoriktus. The Inquisition has officially suppressed all knowledge of the Fall of Celomannas, but the Adepta Sororitas has a long and vengeful memory...

Entropy Fetishist
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Haven't made my way to this leg of the forum in a while, so it's a pleasant surprise to see that this got a few comments.

But no special wargear?
...if you call automatic access to Warp Beacon, slightly improved stats, FNP, and a greater daemon with an Exalted Locus (otherwise illegal), to say nothing of ML2, "no gear."

Plus, well, how badly does an AP2, A7, WS10 I10 S6 monster with Rending and rerolls to hit need special wargear (besides, aha, assault grenades)? Shvetherax may not be Skarbrand, but... (well, is about as survivable, only a bit faster, and significantly more expensive, tbh).

I'll admit I nearly put on the ability from Fiends that lowers I of the enemy when assaulting by -5, too. Decided not to in the end because, hey, you have to save some synergies for the actual units they're meant for.

Simplified Incandescent Glory to just giving FNP 6+ (or improving FNP by 1 so nurgle units with Fertility aren't useless when DSing in using the bubble).

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Sounds good to me, but if it is the faithful that Shvetherax loves to kill / torment then 'The Unhallower' maybe should also effect Codex Inquisition HQ Choices (AKA the 3 Inquisitors + 2 Inquisitor Special Characters), and maybe Grey Knight HQ choices (or maybe all Grey Knights) as they would be especially faithful / pious. Though as you put, the inquisition tried to expunge the records. It would still be a case that Shvetherax would be killing the 'True Believers'.

If you want to go really nuts with it you could also include SM Chaplin and CSM Dark Apostles as they are those with so much faith they brainwash everyone else :p.

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That killing the faithful thing was mostly for color, not to add serious utility to the character--I was thinking "what matches a character who is basically casting "Cursed Earth" constantly?" and the opposite of cursed is blessed, and Sororitas are all about their holiness...

It's not like Preferred Enemy will have any particular major use, with Beguilement already letting misses to hit reroll; it will only help those flubbed wound rolls. Having them remember the sins of and hate Shvetherax for them, on the other hand, is characterful and fluffy...

Shvetherax digs trolling Sisters especially, given their history, really, I feel.
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