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Should the Emperor have taken command?

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Let's see...
The Great Crusade is in its 203rd year. The Emperor has retired to Terra to work. Day-to-day-running of the Empire is managed by his Lieutenant Malcalor, while the military forces are lead by his most beloved and most capable son and general, the Warmaster Horus.
Now a psionic information reaches the Emperor from Magnus, that Horus has rebelled on Istvaan. Big-E is angry, for this kind of message has been forbidden by him, and the message damaged the psionic defences of the Imperial Palace. So Leman Russ is send to Prospero to attack Magnus.
Unfortunately, the information received was true... So within 6 Months, a large force of all available SM-Legions is mobilized (8 Legions including the Imperial Fists, who will be late and ambushed enroute to Istvaan).

Horus was the most capable of all the Emperor's Generals...
Should the Emperor have expected any kind of a trap?
Should he have taken command himself instead of leaving command to one of the Primarchs?
Did he really expect Horus waiting unprepared for the unavoidable attack by the loyalist forces?
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then again maybe he had already an inkling of this happening and on some level knew he had to allow it, who knows what the emperor knew or didn't know, after all when he retired towork on the golden throne he already had plans for magnus to take over that aspect and i have to wonder what kind of father ignores the warnings from a son who has been nothing but loyal to him? in my opinion he knew something was going to happen and i just wonder if he allowed this to happen no matter what cost as the grand design.
seems to me then that the emperor like others would never have believed that Horus could do such a thing, but i still have a inkling that he had an idea something like this was going to happen maybe not horus, if i was the emperor and considering his zealous nature i would have thouht maybe Lorgar but i still think he knew somethng was going to happen.
until he was told to be more like gulliman...what a kick in the teeth
i honestly believe Alpharius/Omegron is working the side lines and i am so glad that finally the up to know little known about leigon is given a reason to do what they did, wouldn't surprise me that come the end of it all Alpahrius or whoever is leading them reveals why they did what they did.
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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