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Should the Emperor have taken command?

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Let's see...
The Great Crusade is in its 203rd year. The Emperor has retired to Terra to work. Day-to-day-running of the Empire is managed by his Lieutenant Malcalor, while the military forces are lead by his most beloved and most capable son and general, the Warmaster Horus.
Now a psionic information reaches the Emperor from Magnus, that Horus has rebelled on Istvaan. Big-E is angry, for this kind of message has been forbidden by him, and the message damaged the psionic defences of the Imperial Palace. So Leman Russ is send to Prospero to attack Magnus.
Unfortunately, the information received was true... So within 6 Months, a large force of all available SM-Legions is mobilized (8 Legions including the Imperial Fists, who will be late and ambushed enroute to Istvaan).

Horus was the most capable of all the Emperor's Generals...
Should the Emperor have expected any kind of a trap?
Should he have taken command himself instead of leaving command to one of the Primarchs?
Did he really expect Horus waiting unprepared for the unavoidable attack by the loyalist forces?
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It didn't say he knew the future. It says he set up everything he would need but not that he knew the future exactly. He may have had the gift of foresight but that's no guarantee of anything.
The emperor was the probably the single most intelligent and powerful psykic being to have ever existed. We have no idea what he was capable of.
The emperor was a narcissist. I find it difficult To believe that he could have thought that any of his creations COULD fail let alone did fail. Besides, lorgar was only ever loyal.
Angron fell because of his nature and his hate for the emperor, I don't think he gave a shit about what his brothers thought, he only needed an excuse.
@ Bak,
I disagree with you on some point but I do agree that the emperor was an extreme narcissist. He did view them as his children but in the way a narcissist would view and love his children, he loved them but only to a point and once they ceased to be usefull or if they moved against him he would come down on them with all the fury he possessed. The reason that the emperor refused to believe that Horus had turned was that the emperor saw himself in Horus and that his he believed that HIS greatest creation could never fail him, in a sense HE could never fail. He had no reason to station magnus on the throne until he opened to rift.
Ah well.... That's what I get for speed reading. Lol
But he isn't anywhere close to being a god as it stands, if he always wanted this to happen, if the great crusade had been a success it could be argued that, to the people of the imperium, his divinity would have become all the more apparent and humanity would have worshiped him all the same. Ultimately, he lost the crusade, his life, and the imperium in the heresy. If he dies, assuming that all the souls of humanity do go to the emperor, he could become a warp god more powerful than any one of the chaos gods but I doubt he foresaw this. I think you may put to much stock in the emperors ability to foretell the future.
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