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Shas'O version 2

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Some of you may remember my first slightly converted battle suit that I posted a couple of months ago (I doubt it though :D). Here he is:

This was my very first re-pose and got me into converting more crisis suits. I decided that this guy didn't match the rest of my army in terms of ambitiousness (besides that banner pole is a pain in the arse and breaks for a past time) so I made a new one:

I thought that his last incarnation looked a little bit cuddly. The normal crisis heads look a bit like something you would see on a robot built to keep your kid happy. So I made him a new one. I also re-posed his arms and gave him some hands Old Shatter style.

After looking at the pics I can see that whopping mould line on his right shoulder but apart from that any C&C?
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The green stuff was a little bit wet when I took the pics but I'll get on that, cheers bud :)
If you're careful you can use lefty powerfists too. The assault fist has a pointing finger so bear that in mind when deciding what ones to use. All I did for this guy was fill in the recess where the original 'hands' were and let it set, then glue the new fingers onto the edge and green stuff the gaps. The guy that I got the idea from likes to mount the fingers on a piece of card first but I guess it's down to preference.
I was going more for nonchalant than shut down, how would you liven it up?
It's codex grey but the other colours are right.

The new suit is finished now. I'll take some pics when I can get my real camera out :)
Where is the dawn blade? How are you putting that into the model?
There isn't going to be a Dawn blade, this just a "regular" commander, not a farsight stand in.

Thanks for posting the picks jams :)
D'OH!!! Sorry had a special moment (Hangs head in shame)
It's ok, we still love ya. What do you think of the colours?
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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