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Hey guys, I've been off the forums for awhile, summer classes and just general dereliction of duties ensue ya know.

So, I'm thinking of building a Space Sharks list at some point in the fall/winter, but I kinda need to know what I should save up for. I really dig the Vanguard Veteran models and I'm trying to figure out a way to run them that would fit the fluff feel of my list, while still maintain cost effectiveness. I'm not very concerned with people disallowing Forge World lists, as this is mainly just for my own personal enjoyment, but I would like it to be a competent list. So the Carcharodons/space sharks chapter tactics, strongly favor assault (being a blood angels player, I'm aware of the problems of assaulty lists). Furthermore when a unit destroys or forces an opposing unit to fall back, the unit gains Rage, working in concert with their Preferred Enemy (Infantry) rule---which given the new rules for preferred enemy in CC is actually very, very attractive. I envision this squad playing character hunter/MC hunter, and/or mopping up anything Tyberos and his 2xLC Termies need help with.

Anyways I was thinking about running them as follows:

Libby--JP, ML2

JP Vanguard Vets--Storm Shield with a Lightning claw, Grav Pistol, the remaining two vanilla, Melta Bombs for good measure
Sarge gets storm Shield and Relic Blade

Do you guys have any better loadouts? I am intending to use the guys as deepstrikers, there are several locator beacons peppered around my list so I should be /ok/ getting them into the game.


EDIT, I forgot that in many cases the chaplain's zealot rule will be negligible due to the Carcharodons preferred enemy (infantry) rule. So I decided to rework it. I'll be replacing the whole bit with:

Captain on bike with Maul, melts bombs, Artificer Armor, and a grab pistol.
6-7 man assault squad with a powerfist and combat shield on the veteran sarge. Yeah. Basically I want my captain to be survivable and mobile so bike, that way he can zip around and bolster just about anywhere on the front.
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