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I know they're planning a 40K RPG however I've always been a huge fan of the Shadowrun dice system. Plus using 40K stats it's an easy conversion. A quick example we'll use an imaginary units stats....

Gregory the Foul
WS4 BS3 S3 T4 I5 W1 LD9 4+ save

All the numbers except wounds convert straight to the Shadowrun system. The only things lacking are intelligence, and spirit.

Strength is Strength and in Shadowrun 3 is average.
Toughness = Body and affects how much dmg one can absorb
Initiative = Reaction and is ones speed and combat order.
Leadership = Combat Pool

The only difference is I simplidy the rather complex Shadowrun armor system by using a simple standard 40K armor save.

WS = Hand to Hand
BS = Marksmanship

Then allowing a set of skills to be specialized, as well as skill and stat progression as normal.

IF your not familier with the system a quick combat example of the above fighting himself...

Gregory the Foul meets Gregory the Funky in a dark alley blocking his escape route.
The foul dives behind a dumpster for cover, as the Funky pulls his laspistol and opens fire...

He is BS3 so he rolls 3D6 - 2 4 4 are his results 2 success'
The Foul tries to dodge the fire as he dives towards the dumpster...
His I is 5 so he rolls 5D6 - 1 2 3 4 5 he gets 2 success'

The Funky misses

Turn 2
The Foul returns fire with his las pistol...
BS3 so 3D6 - 3 4 5 - 3 success'
He also uses 3 dice from his combat pool - 2 4 4 - 2 more success' for 5 total

The Funky has faith in his armor and rolls 1D6 - 3 - failed armor save
The Laspistol is S3, the Funky's T is 4.

S3 looks like this on the damage chart...


T4 reduces this by 4 points to...
xxxxx = a medium wound

If your familier with shadowrun it's a fairly simple conversion if your looking for a compatable system for RP and gaming.
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