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175 - Chaos Lord w/ MoK, Juggernaut, SoC, meltabombs, AoBF
175 - Chaos Lord w/ MoK, Juggernaut, SoC, power fist, lightning claw

125 - 5x CSM w/ plasma gun, Rhino
130 - 5x CSM w/ meltagun, champ w/ meltabombs, Rhino w/ dirge caster

209 - 7x bikes w/ MoK, IoW, 2x melta, champ w/ meltabombs
150 - 5x Spawn

140 - Vindi w/combi-bolter, Daemonic Possession
125 - Maulerfiend w/ magma

Allied Daemons

350 - Be'lakor

171 - 19x Daemonettes

I figure the Lords will both start in the Biker squad for maximum benefit to being Invisible+Shrouding'd, with the spawn behind the bikers to be obscured for a 3+ cover save. Rhinos will also block LoS with smoke launchers on T1 so Vindi+Maulerfiend+Daemonettes can come up behind with 3+ cover, too. I figure 2 Rhinos, Be'lakor, & 9 bikers (including Lords), plus whatever cover I can scrounge, should be enough to give the rest of my army a "getting shot through" cover bonus to add to Shrouded. T2 the wave hits home, of course, with one Lord calving off from the bikers to join the Spawn. Ideally.

Been a while since I've let my Juggerlords off the leash, and I figure Be'lakor is a good starting place for that.
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