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The Shadow Brotherhood are one of the Imperiums Space Marines that turned renagade. They were founded during the 35th millianium under an unknown name. Their currenent estimated strenght is 200 astartes.

They have renounced their oaths to the Emporer and now work towards their own gains. They act as mercinaries and assassins now. They will accept contracts ranging from the simple assassination of a single target or a full scale planetary invasion.

The Shadow Brotherhood worship Tzeentch, this started out because his nature and gifts of deception served the Shadow Brotherhood but they now worship him staunchly.

The Shadow Brotherhood stay together aboard their fleet of ships, only spliting up if the current mission suits them, or when they send out a single agent or squad for a mission.

The Brotherhood uses the icon's and colours of a loyalist chapter that they wiped out during one of their missions, this helps them infiltrate Imperium bases and planets for their missions. With the help of Tzeentch they have managed to cover up the missing chapter. They do ocasionally repaint their armour when it suits their missions.

The Shadow Brotherhood is lead by their dark Council, The Council of Nine, eight of the seats of the Council are taken up by the veterens of the Shadow Brotherhood with the ninth lef empty, symbolically taken by Tzeentch. The leader of the Council is Gogron Ungolim, a powerful Terminator Lord and former Chapter Master before their corruption. On seat two is M'raaj Fafnir a powerful Sorcerer, former chief librarian and second in command. Theese two have held their seats on the Council since it's creation and have yet to loose them.

To gain a seat on the Council, a brother must enter the Maze of Tzeentch and successfully leave with their sanity. When enever a Council member has perished during a mission, another brother always returns from the Maze of Tzeentch, whether this is a mere Coincidence or part a Tzeentchs plans is often debated, because of this their has never been a Contested seat on the Council.

The Shadow Brotherhood's fleet is small comprising of only a single Battle Barge supported by three strike cruisers and a few Nova Frigate's. The headquaters of the Shadow Brotherhood is the Battle Barge Executor, this gaint houses 100 Shadow Brotherhood Astartes, the Council of Nine along with their Council Chambers as well as their most sacred relics and veterans.

This is supported by the Strike Cruisers Arrestor and Prosecutor. They hold 50 astartes each, along with the war machines of the Shadow Brotherhood. Finally the Strike Cruiser Malevolence, which acts as the Shadow Brotherhoods warehouse. It contains all the recruits, traitor humans, specialist ammunition (mainly Stalker Silenced Shells), the empty dreadnaught armour and any spare Power Armour that hasn't been defiled and still looks like loyalist armour, which is used during special missions.
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