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I've been looking at Sevrin Loth, and I'm trying to figure out how he works as a psyker in 7th edition. All of his rules/abilities seem straight forward, except for his "Armour of Selket". The link below is to his rules. It talks about "expending a warp charge" when the 7th ed rulebook talks about "warp charge points" and "harnessing warp charge points". I'm not sure if the way the rule works is after you've generated your warp charge pool, you just toss out one of the dice (it doesnt say "harness a warp charge" or "expend a harnessed warp charge" only "expend a warp charge"), or if you have to roll to harness the charges first. Secondly, his Armour of Selket rule is a special rule and not a psychic power, so how does deny the witch work? I remember in his previous edition rules it specifically mentioned you couldnt deny, so there might be a rules as intended argument there, but it doesnt seem very strong. Looking at the rules for Deny the Witch, I don't think you can: "If your opponent makes a successful psychic test, you can attempt to nullify the power being manifested by making a Deny the Witch test. For a Deny the Witch test to be successful, you need to nullify all of the Warp Charge points that were successfully harnessed by the Psycher when he passed his Psychic test". Because 1) Loth isnt making a psychic test 2) I'm using a special rule not a psychic power 3) I'm not harnessing any warp charge points. Anyway, sorry for the big block of text, take a look for yourself and tell me your thoughts! His application looks real nice for, say, making a squad of 3 vindis invisible.

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