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Sentinel Army

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Thinking of running this soon, just for laughs. What do you think?
CCS with Autocannon, vox, medic, camo, Master of Ordinance, Astropath, Chimera (with camo netting)
Primaris Psyker L2 with divination

Infantry Platoon
PCS - vox
Infantry Squad with Autocannon, Grenade launcher x3
Infantry squad with vox, SGT with power axe and melta bombs
Combine all infantry squads.
SWS - 3x Snipers (sits on top of bastion)
SWS - 3x Flamers (speedbump assaults)
HWS - 3x Lascannons

Veteran Squad with melta, plasma, sniper rifle (hides in bastion taking sniper shots and HB shots until i need either AP2 or anti-armour

Fast Attack
Scout sentinel squadron with MultiLas, MultiLas, Missile Launcher + Camo Netting
Armoured Sentinel Squadron with 3x Plasma Cannon
Armoured Sentinel Squadron with 3x Autocannon

Imperial Strongpoint - Bastion, Aegis, Aegis

Should be relatively all comers but will likely be playing orks, vanilla marines or GK.
Totals at 1498 points.
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You should find room for a formation or two of Ironstrider Cavaliers. Because chicken-walkers should hang out together.
Funny you should say that, I actually think that the Dunecrawler is more like the Sentinel, with it's sloped front cockpit looking very similar aesthetically.

I organised a scratch match tonight to try the list out. I ended up facing a mech/bike ork list that was into the assault on turn two, and the list, understandably, crumpled. I only killed two trucks on turn 1 thanks to some poor rolling (didn't go first) and while elements like the flamer speedbump, reserve scout sentinels and holed up veterans worked... they didn't work well enough. Even my three plasmacannon sentinels failed over three turns of shooting to take out the warboss, though they did get a bunch of his protective boys.

I'll put a picture of the force up (less reserved sentinels) tomorrow.
Day late... but here you go, for anyone interested. I'll throw a photo rep of the battle in my plog and if I get a chance, I'll write a batrep too... but unlikely at the moment thanks to exams.

Good fast game, but the game was decided in turn 1 shooting when I failed to kill more than two trucks...
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That's a shame, it's a good looking army.
Ork bikes are tough, and looking at what you have, as soon as they get in, you've had it. I'm stuck on thinking of a counter, without tailoring the list to orks.
An imperial knight would add a bit of punch, and would be capable of slowing down the bikes, but it's not really imperial guard, even if it's a walker.
Nice pictures though, I'll check out your batrep later on.
Thanks bud! It was pretty rough, but the bikes neutralised themselves a bit by merely adding a flank attack to the main, trukk based assault. This meant that my shield wall of bodies copped it hard in turn 2 but the bikes were left dangling on a flank, meaning that although they could (and did) go and help finish off the autocannon sentinels, that was all they did for the game.

Brutal! In my game recently the only reason I won was because the Orks had to blow up my tanks before getting to my squads. Plus more tanks....and then a couple more tanks. I don't know about how much the Bastion+double Aegis is worth point-wise, but I'd be tempted to whittle it down to a solo ADL to see how those points could fit into the list better.

Did the Bastion really do anything for you in this match?
That arrangement is the same cost as a manticore, so I'd have to drop the whole thing to fit any tanks in. However, I am definitely tempted to find another 10 points in the list, leave one Aegis and then induct two wyverns... The downside being that my snipers will lose their elevated position and my veterans will lose their shelter from indirect fire.
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